Toolpig instagram 50k giveaway #2

I just want to thank all of you for all of your support and all of your feedback. It really means a lot to me to know that you care and that you are interested in the reviews I am doing and the tools and toolfights I am posting. And a huge thanks to A-OK Power Equipment Ā WWW.AOKPOWER.COM and Makita USA for their support in this.


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  23. I love your posts on IG and how in depth your tool reviews are! It truly helps all of us who use tools for our every day work to pick the right one for the job we do and help us continue to put food on our table. Fellow JW from Seattle WA. My instagram name is @hiramwoodworking thanks for the great giveaways.

  24. Great give away! Congrats on the 50k!

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    Thanks so much for the opportunity to replace my huge old ridgid stealth force it’s so damn heavy lol

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    Hoping for the 50k contest. Love your posts thank you

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    Congrats on the 50k followers
    Thank you giving us the chance to participate on this awesome giveaway

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    Congrats, 50k! It’s a real pleasure following you. Keep up the amazing work!

    50k giveaway prizes are real dream tools! Well done again! šŸ™‚

    Cheers and best of luck to all!

  44. Love your Instagram and blog man. Keep it up! @LivingHumanAgain

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  47. Jeff Hoepker @jeff_t_dadof3

    I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating. Having an unbiased opinion and real world testing of high end tools is invaluable. You always seem to find the same good or bad thing about a tool that I would notice. Keep up the good work!! @jeff_t_dadof3

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    Love your posts. I love researching tools and your posts helps a lot to make good decisions on what to buy. Thanks.

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    Thanks for doing this would be awesome to win ! In love with the setup.

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    Thanks for all your great work

    Really keeps me informed about every in buying before I buy it. Saved my ass on many purchase

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    @jr_rusticdesign says congrats on 50,000! These tiny makitas would be killer to add to my collection!

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    @buckeyes903 Just when you think you don’t need any other tools, you manage to show something that I just have to get. Thanks!!

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    Congrats on the 50k, just a hard working concrete formwork guy here. Would put those two sub compacts to some serious work

  56. These look incredible! Been wanting to switch to brushless.

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    Makita for president!

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    A fan of your page from Saudi Arabia also a contractor holding projects. Been viewing your page for a long time. Thank you for your great reviews

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    Congrats on 50k and thanks again for another awesome giveaway, super appreciated!

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    Congrats on 50k.These little guys would be perfect for putting together cast iron pipe.

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    I value the insights you provide and have made decisions based on your reviews and input. Thanks for taking the time to post and share this type of info.

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    You are definitely one of my biggest influences on tool purchases

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  109. Thanks for the awesome content and it’s so great having such a supportive wife as well!
    You know I’m big into Milwaukee, but there’s no denying Makita has them beat with impacts and driver selection, we all win with this awesome innovation, count me in for the giveaway!

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    Awesome thing your doing man paying it forward is what it is all about. This a very kind thing you are doing congrats on 50k I would love to use brushless makita impact drill
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  125. Congrats on the 50k!

    I just started a renovation company in the small town of Victoria, TX called Pearl Homes. I use Makita for all my drill/impacts. These would be a killer addition!

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  126. Congrats on reaching 50k & thanks for the giveaway

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    And thanks for the opportunity @knarlycarl!

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    Tools can be expensive So watching reviews like yours help with making the right choice on my purchases. Thank you! Count me in on the makita giveaway…I have tried these makitas and they are great. IG : JPGervasini

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    Awesome reviews and tips bud! I got a combo m12 & picked up a m18 at a wicked price. Would love to add this to my fleet and try it out. Thanks for opportunity! Keep at it!
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  139. Very grateful for this community and your generosity!!
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