Acme Tools and Toolpig celebrate 110,000 followers

We have been doing business with Acme Tools for 25 years. Some of you might remember back then it was called Tool Crib. I can fondly remember devouring every issue of Fine Homebuilding and spending extra time on the Tool Crib ads. Their old phone number is permanently burned into my memory! 

They have generously offered this Generac iq2000 generator to give back to this awesome IG community that we feel privileged to be a part of. 

We have always been impressed with their customer service and super fast shipping on every order we have ever made. We love the free shipping as well. If you haven’t dealt with Acme Tools you are missing out. 

   If you like to check out the specs on the generator or you need to buy one click the link below. 

Acme Tools


  1. Michael Sousa


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  3. Ben Schipper

    This would be awesome for job sites that don’t have power, or keeping the camper power “live” while we’re living out in the woods on sites

  4. Joshua Johnson

    I would use it anywhere, in my tree fort. When we get hit with hurricanes. When we are camping.

  5. Mandeep Rahul

    Great tool could be very useful when making cabinets

    IG Name : deeprahul

  6. Jeffrey seeney

    This would be perfect to keep in the truck. Great for camping!

  7. Cameron Edmonds

    This would awesome

    @Cam_eddy on instagram

  8. Cameron Edmonds

    This would be awesome! Especially when need out in the field. Military vet here!

    @Cam_eddy on instagram

  9. Chris Deskiewicz

    Nice little unit.




    I’d use this at my cabin when I need to do work there.

  11. Heinrich Fourie


  12. Heinrich Fourie


  13. Anonymous

    Could definitely use this!! Fingers crossed. I never win anything


  14. Matt Alexander

    I could use this weekly… IG name @376matt

  15. Mark Horwedel

    Need a portable generator like this!

  16. ian mccarthy


  17. Mike McMahon

    Want want want!

  18. jacob noes

    @Who_noes on instagram
    I would send this to a coworkers brother in PR who is stick without electricity.

  19. I need this

  20. Ben Brisson

    This would be great
    benbrisson on the gram

  21. Joey Zitlin

    This thing looks so sweet!! @303woods

  22. Kendrick Ting


  23. Travis


  24. Lucas Polak

    This would be a great addition to the arsenal. Keep up the good work Toolpig!!! @local27lou

  25. Apostolos Drogaris

    I definitely need one!

  26. Paul drogaris

    Amazing little generator. I need one. @apostolos777

  27. Brad Shaw

    Congrats, what an accomplishment!

  28. Anonymous

    Congrats at getting 110k followers. @beeps210

  29. Kaleb pruitt


  30. Dan McIntyre

    I could use this to run my Oxx Coffeeboxx in my van in remote areas!

  31. Matt

    Could always use some more power.


  32. Joe


  33. Travis Gerber


  34. Jay Barnowsky


  35. richhofmann

    Generator contest

  36. Robert Singletary


  37. Harold R. Ibarra

    Congratulations on the followers! The generator would be a great addition.

    IG: @trom120

  38. Raul Lopez

    Yes please! @nbabballer

  39. Lionel


  40. Scott


  41. Kyle Greis

    Congrats on 110k! @kylegreis

  42. This would be so awesome! 😉

  43. Brad Brettschneider


  44. Jeremy Owings

    This would be awesome.

  45. Brooks


  46. Daniel collins

    Cool I need one @dwayne_sparky

  47. Fred

    @mobius1982 ig

  48. Tyler Race

    I’d love me a new genorator @race_ty

  49. Larry Do

    Need this!


  50. Brian

    Congratulations on 110K+ followers on IG! ?—@expospy IG

  51. John Burton


  52. David Grew


  53. Dan Wiechman

    I would love to own one of these. Keep up the hard work toolpig!


  54. Jason Cribbs

    Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations. @jaybirdandhawk

  55. Ryan

    I always wanted one of these for camping and tailgating.


  56. Joshua Keene

    This would be awesome on my job site @_customcarpentry

  57. John Pitts

    Awesome generator! Would come in handy for camping!


  58. Kobie Barker

    Would love to finally have a generator! Used one on a project, their nice and light!
    Simple to use, would be but I would buy but I would love to win!

    Instagram: kobiebarker

  59. Matt

    This would be perfect for ATV trips! @buckeyes903

  60. Sean Anderson

    Congrats and thanks Acme tools! The possibilities with this thing are endless! Instagram @SeanAnderson966

  61. 25 years? That’s loyalty alright…


  62. Jessica

    Perfect size and it’s quiet, yes we definitely need this .


  63. Jason Wooldridge

    This would be the perfect power backup for living on the island.. ?

    IG wooldridgehomes

  64. Anonymous


  65. Joseph B Buchman

    Congrats man, huge accomplishment!!


  66. David

    @rd.1234 perfect for hunting and camping, demolition!!!!

  67. Brandon dipede

    mr_dip i could definitely use one of these.

  68. Dustin Dunsmore

    Would love to add this to the arsenal!! Would be amazing for days when the power goes out and we still have the drive to keep going or even when we get to a house and we’re having to battle 4 other trades for the only outlet in the house!! Being as quiet as it is, it’s a must have!!!
    IG @dustee666

  69. Phil E

    @phile10 IG

    This seems pretty handy, I’ll be sure to check out ACME too!

  70. @undergroundmachineworks

  71. William Hernandez

    Love your reviews and pictures. This would be a great addition to my small set of tools and would be shared with my father too.

    Keep up the good work.


  72. I could use this.

  73. Bernardo

    I neeeeeeed it


  74. @lanierlawncare

  75. sanchez_werks

    Oh man we’ve been trying to get our tailgate gear together and this is the last piece of the puzzle!

  76. Josh

    This could replace my old Honda. Not that it needs replacing, but it is heavy and awkward to move around. @poshjopky.

  77. Colt

    A buddy of mine has this ands amazing! Would love to get my hands on one some day.


  78. Roman

    @camposroc would be great to have at work when we have no access to power

  79. Levon Cullen

    Yeah! Could go fully cordless and not worry about batteries running out!


  80. Kyle

    This is needed. @bachmode

  81. Bradley Woicikowfski

    Awesome generator! Would be great working at the cabin! @bradleywoi

  82. DCS Contracting

    Congrats!! Thx Acme Tools!! Yes I too remember the TCof the N:) they used to have great paper catalogs!!???

  83. This would be awesome for charging up all my flexvolt batteries instead of bringing what seems like a refrigerator to site for the same job. Congrats on the 110k!


  84. That would come in handy. ?


  85. Scott Crumpton

    Sweet looking Generator!!!


  86. Scott Crumpton

    What a sweet generator!


  87. Austin

    It would be perfect for our 2×4 signing events


  88. Paul Barchard

    Perfect for what i need


  89. Eli bursztyn


  90. William Cunningham

    I think I would carry in a backpack and use everywhere I go @lil_b_5000

  91. Tim

    @kimos626garage appreciates all the great tool reviews. This is something that has been missing, an honest opinion of quality tools. Thanks. Keep it up!

  92. Jacob McCormick

    Looks rad! All my tools got stolen:(


  93. What an awesome little generator


  94. Bo

    This would be perfect for our new to us travel trailer we just got.

  95. Adrian

    Awesome little generator


  96. Mike Taylor

    That is for the chance to win, need one!

    Mike Taylor

  97. Gabriel - Integrity Carpentry on IG

    Congratulations for another Milestone. Thanks for the awesome top tier giveaways! I like the selection of Acme, but my experience at the Des Moines branch was less than stellar. Pretty frustrating, however, guy at the repair counter was super friendly and helpful. That is the bright spot of the store!

  98. Josh

    Looks amazing ! Need one!

  99. Spencer friesen

    This would be awesome


  100. Nicholas Doub

    This generac generator would be great for the jobsite and camping! Love your Instagram page I am a tool hound myself!

  101. Justin Kendall

    This would be really useful for the times I need to use a corded tool with no power available.

    Instagram: @justinkendall

  102. DeeLeeBee

    So many different ideas come to mind for this. Got to have it.

  103. I’d get this to boondock camp and use it when the power goes out.


  104. Joe Hodge

    I need this!!

  105. Chris Bowie

    Nice going and congrats on the milestone!! This is cool! @bowiemeister

  106. Sam Ramos

    Need this! It’s a must!!


  107. Tyler Murray

    This could be super useful! Thanks for the opportunity and continued reviews!

  108. Awesome this could come in handy

  109. Matthew Porreca


  110. Dave J Overman


  111. Anonymous


  112. John

    Your affiliation with Acme Tools is great for the both of you and us, the consumers. They sell the tools, you review them, we learn before we buy. It’s a great relationship. Thanks.

    IG = @ohiostatebuckeyefan

  113. Konstantin Zherebnenkov


  114. Seth hurst


  115. Anonymous


  116. Anthony DeLaurentis

    @anthonydel – love the reviews!

  117. Acme is an absolutely wonderful company. Love them


  118. Cody Armfelt


  119. Jay


  120. john hicks


  121. Anonymous


  122. Todd O.

    Something like this would be great to have. Only have one outlet in the shop so charging batteries would be great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. Will Wiebe

    Pretty cool little generator.

  124. Wayne Robinson

    Don’t forget to check out @acmetools blog about generators!
    Great giveaway, good luck to all

  125. @thegentlemandj
    Could definitely use a quiet pertable generator for events in outdoor venues like the beach and parks. Love your page my brother.

  126. Garrett


  127. Joshua

    So many uses for this guy would be quite nice.


  128. Jarod moreau

    Wold be awesome for camping, tailgating or running small tools when no power is available.


  129. Todd

    Would luv this for my shop or when the next hurricane hits ??

    IG Rustic Inspired Designs

  130. Payton Duncan

    I am just getting started into the carpentry, I would love to add this to my collection of tools!

  131. David Mendrin


  132. Hank Forman

    The size is impressive just right for the small jobs that love to do. Right my community is without power going into three day. To bad I don’t have it now.


  133. John


  134. Jonathan Cole

    Could take the 200 ft of extension chord out of the work van.

  135. Ken warywoda

    Can’t see this being an everyday need or use but when it is needed it would be great to have.

    IG – Steelcitylegend

  136. adam stewart


  137. Brent Monroe


  138. Todd S.

    Would fit right in my truck box! @tcspring

  139. gerardo ornelas

    Work and play…

  140. David

    Need one of these @thebullalwayswins

  141. Samantha George

    We’d love one of these @s_ge0rge

  142. Ctsparkyyy

    Going on day 3 without power! We lost mostly everything in the refrigerator by now so this would be great to have in an emergency just to power one or two things for a couple days! I live in the sticks so it’s a pretty common occurance lol. I plan on getting a large Generac for the house but this would be nice until then. It would also be nice to be able to power some of my tools on the job that aren’t cordless whenever I’m not stuck without power lol.

  143. Tyler Clayton

    Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win! @tyler4president

  144. Sam Higgason

    Generac is the best! @shig45

  145. Hailey

    Awesome customer service! @gandeecandy_8092

  146. Walter

    Would love to get one of these once my detailing business goes up.

  147. Tyler

    I could use one

  148. Justin


  149. Ed Cope

    Best giveaway every. I hope it breaks the interwebs!


  150. Trevor larson


  151. Anonymous

    Yes please.


  152. I would mainly use this generator for power outages for running the refrigerator, lighting, cooling fans and most importantly operating my C-Pap machine because I suffer from sleep apnea. Thanks for the chance to win @toolpig.

    IF name: @howiemac59

  153. Matt Outlaw



  154. Edirke simon

    Awesome Generator


  155. Ive got a Special spot in my job trailer to put this thing. Ive looked into these compared to the Honda and its a very close coparison but a better value. Thanks for the chance at the GAW Toolpig and Acme.

  156. Matt

    Could always use a generator.


  157. Stephen Sipkens

    That’s awesome @stevesipkens

  158. Steve kazimer


  159. Nathaniel Moss

    Great customer service! @moss_156

  160. Brad B.

    Congrats guys.
    I could do so many things with this bad boy. Thanks for the chance.

  161. Matthew Szuba


  162. Bruno Marques


  163. Dave Currie

    That’s awesome. Long time! IG: @davecurrie

  164. Cooper


  165. Alex H


  166. dfinf2


  167. Zack Morin


  168. Mark Dobner


  169. Jacob Trick

    I need this in my life. @jacobtrick

  170. Jeff Edwards

    More power!


  171. Zach

    Congrats! Smith_woodworking

  172. Joey Taylor

    Congratulations on hitting that many followers.
    I sure could use a new generator 🙂


  173. Rodney

    Congrats on the followers, rtoffhaus

  174. Adam Bottero

    Congrats on 110K


  175. Joe Thomas

    That’s a great looking portable generator!! @carpentry_joe_art

  176. Joe Thomas

    Great looking portable generator. @carpentry_joe_art

  177. Jon


  178. Will Hernandez

    Congratulations, may you get many more subscribers @aceonace

  179. Grant Matherly



  180. @doherty_drywall

  181. noah veach

    congrats Paul! @thedailyveach

  182. Matthew


  183. Sam Valdivia

    Congrats on hitting 110k followers. IG: @beach2desertwoodowrking

  184. Sam Valdivia

    Congrats on hitting 110k followers.

    IG: beach2desetwoodworking

  185. Leethelawnguy

    Need me one of these here in FL with all the hurricanes.

  186. Logan Potts

    Generac makes tough stuff.


  187. Robert polczynski

    Awesome giveaway toolpig!!! Congrats on the 110k!
    Would work great during shutdowns.
    Insta: robertpolczynski

  188. Congrats on 110K???. IG: @greenlineelectric

  189. Ed Hunt (aka) @edsterjackass

    I’d keep that in my trailer for some quick power out in the field

  190. James

    Looks nice, and compact. Need one!!

  191. Landon Minatra

    Congrats on 110K followers!


  192. Anthony DeLaurentis

    Love your reviews! IG name: @anthonydel

  193. Clifford Hahaj


  194. Thomas Leistikow

    IG: Thimis_mlg

  195. Anonymous

    Hope i win @hsaave

  196. Josh

    Looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. Here’s to the next 110k! Congrats guys!


  198. Parker Eagan

    I could use a quiet generator, nobody likes hearing a generator.

  199. Anonymous

    IG devyn.novak

  200. Hey guys is this where we post how bad we want to win this thing??

  201. Nick Nicolay

    IG name:

  202. Wow, I could use this! Old generator pooped out with last hurricane.

  203. Jeff Muth

    Great giveaway…congrats on all the followers!


  204. Dan

    Yes! The old Tool Crib of the North! That’s were a couple of my first tools were ordered from…over the phone, of course. IG @dooey_by_self

  205. Darren

    Fish_phones_and_fire for the IG giveaway

  206. Brad Robnett


  207. Darren

    IG name fish_phones_and_fire for the giveaway

  208. Josh

    Congrats on 110k
    That thing would sure come in handy running a favor small space heater while camping.

  209. Rich

    As a guy with primarily corded tools, I would use this all over our small farm! perfect thing to help my friends with their outside projects too!
    IG name: @shiftedsands

  210. @graydon_hoover

    I’ve bought a few things from Acme and their service and shipping is great!

  211. Kyle nelson

    Great stuff thanks for the awesome reviews and giveaways!


  212. Juan D


  213. Ben Scholman


  214. Stewart Shields


    I sure hope this is where I’m supposed to leave my IG name!

  215. Ressie Fry


  216. Matthew Szuba

    Love the site!

    Would love a port geney!!

    Keep it up ladies and gentlemen.

  217. John burton


    Thanks for the opportunity!

  218. Chikowoodstudios..:)

  219. Adam


  220. Ebrahem ozturk


  221. Malynda Tamang


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