Just a quick review of Paslode cordless nailers

A little plant wall we built with our Paslode finish nailers.

You may see many different cordless nailers on our instagram feed. We try to cover as many tools as possible since many people are tied to different platforms.  Giving exposure to a tool is different from recommending a tool.

Paslode cordless are still  my most used cordless nailers. We have been running Paslode for over 20 years now in my business. We have tried most of the purely cordless nailers that have come out since and they have made improvements over the years.However, we keep going back to our Paslode nailers. We love the combination of power and weight. In some instances it is a difference of three or four pounds. That can add up by the end of the day.

We don’t mind using a little gas. The combination of fuel cell and tiny battery gives us the best power to weight ratio and run time. 

available at ACME Tools