Festool Pro 5 LTD

Festool dropped a bomb on us by offering this limited edition sander for an unprecedented deal.

My first Festool purchace was the ETS125 and a ct36 dust extractor. It changed everything for me! I never knew how clean sanding could be. I never knew how smooth a sander could operate. The noise level was  better than I had ever experienced before. It was better in every way than any random orbit sander from just about every manufacturer you could name! at $198.00 I felt it was a good value.

For 2016 Festool took that sander and upgraded it in many ways. It now has 25% more power, improved ergonomics, more durable switch,better vibration control, interlocking dust port and an edge guard to protect adjacent surfaces from damage. Put that all in a special edition blue systainer for a lowball price of$ 99.00 and you have the Festool  PRO-5 Ltd. item #201234 to order this special deal click here.

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