$99.00 Festool Pro5 ltd sander is the best deal ever!

Festool Pro 5 LTD

Festool dropped a bomb on us by offering this limited edition sander for an unprecedented deal.

My first Festool purchace was the ETS125 and a ct36 dust extractor. It changed everything for me! I never knew how clean sanding could be. I never knew how smooth a sander could operate. The noise level was  better than I had ever experienced before. It was better in every way than any random orbit sander from just about every manufacturer you could name! at $198.00 I felt it was a good value.

For 2016 Festool took that sander and upgraded it in many ways. It now has 25% more power, improved ergonomics, more durable switch,better vibration control, interlocking dust port and an edge guard to protect adjacent surfaces from damage. Put that all in a special edition blue systainer for a lowball price of$ 99.00 and you have the Festool  PRO-5 Ltd. item #201234 to order this special deal click here.

Order From Acme Tools

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  1. BSN (@KnarlyCarl) 11/14/2016 at 2:16 AM - Reply

    March 23rd!! Yeah baby lol haven’t touched a festool in 29 years, i think i can wait a few months!!

  2. Austin Werrmann 11/01/2016 at 10:09 PM - Reply

    Just sitting here waiting on my sander now. What would really hold me over till I got mine is a full out review ?

  3. Andrew Luethge 10/25/2016 at 10:10 PM - Reply


    Have you heard anything else on the hold on orders for this special offer? Are you still able to get the sander for this price?

  4. Andy Hopke 10/08/2016 at 2:21 AM - Reply

    Thanks Paul, it really is awesome having true reviews on products and tools and you responding to a lot of the questions and comments you get on all the media forms. I’m excited to get my first festool!!

  5. Matt 10/07/2016 at 7:43 PM - Reply

    This will be my first festool tool excited to try it out.

  6. Justin Kendall 10/07/2016 at 6:36 PM - Reply

    Glad I picked one of these up. Looks like Festool has put pre-orders on hold for now due to the demand according to Instagram.

  7. Andy Hopke 10/07/2016 at 5:28 PM - Reply

    So what would be the best extractor that would be good for this sander but could be used for larger tools down the road? It’s an investment so I want to spend wisely. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    • toolpig 10/08/2016 at 12:25 AM - Reply

      Andy, any of the wheeled extractors will work well.they all have the same motor. The difference is in the amount of debris the container holds

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