We first came across the Renin company at The International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida in January this year.  Of course I loved the thought of having the Melody Mirror for my own.  We arranged to make this happen and the install went smoothly.  We contacted a local “sparky” Ben Archer to install for us so we were sure to have it installed correctly.  It is hard-wired into the wall.  The size of the 3mm polished edge clear mirror glass is 32″x24″, great size for me.  We placed it as an accent mirror in my side of vanity.

The sound quality is good for a small speaker, that it is in a bathroom probably helps with that I would imagine.   I have to say to bluetooth connect is a quick and easy process.     The lighting strip is 24 Watts / 6000K colour temperature and I love the backlight lighting for when I put on makeup.  The website sates it lasts 50 hours and I hope to make it every hour of that time.  I so far use it a lot.  Time will tell.

If you want more information to purchase your own check out Renin Corp for backlit mirrors and more, including barn doors.