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My name is Kim and I am married to Toolpig.  It is no surprise to anyone that knows me that cleaning is what I grew up doing all my life.  I pride myself on proving I can “get it clean” when we enter a customer’s home.  I learned this attitude from my parents, they started over 50 years ago in my small town as wide-eyed teenagers a cleaning business that, to this day is still running strong.  They began in janitorial and grew to carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and water and fire damage restoration clean up work.  Something that I am thrilled to be entrusted with operating.  I never know if we are about to enter a house that basically needs a small clean up or a major over haul.  Let me tell you we have seen our fair share of the worst.  I was taught pride in my work from an early age.  After marrying my hubby I was taught more about working smarter not harder with the proper tools on the job.  Not that we didn’t have proper equipment but as time went by there were bigger and better tools out there for the job.


That being said I was introduced to the Dremel Versa Power Cleaner sponsored by The Home Depot to give a try to let you know what I thought.

The facts:

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides superior and consistent speed to tackle jobs anywhere which holds a charge for 18 months

  • USB adapter provides the fastest charge so the tool is ready when you are (charges in 2 hours)

I decided to make a proper review of the product I needed to get it into my hands and what better way to do this then tackle the soap scum that we all have on the shower and glass door. I charged it up in the 2 hour time but at first use it ran down after only 15 minutes of the work out I was putting it through.  See I am certain I am the only one in the family that wipes the glass down after each shower so water spots are prevalent.  I decided to plug it in for over night to give a better test.  Totally the best call for the longevity of the unit to tackle the cleaning again.  Paired with some hard water remover the different pads and scrubbing head, it did an amazing job cleaning up the glass.  The bristle head was ok at cleaning the shower head but I think it was challenged.  As far as the drain cover, I noticed as the battery wore down it would get caught and stop in the holes of the cover.  This caused it to stall. I had to power off and on to restart.  After a good charge it no longer had this issue. Point is, keep it on full charge to have the best possible use.

It states that it is the fastest tool on the market to do the work so you don’t have to, I have to say the rotation is good and as long as you don’t put too much pressure on the unit it does great.  The individual heads are a snap to change including the screw off brush and love that it has a boot to avoid splash when it rotates.  USB charger is an interesting way to go for them to charge.  Quick to plug-in and remove that illuminates while charging and lets face it, who doesn’t have USB outlets these days if you forgot or loose the charging block.

The main negative I would have to give is that it gets a little hot after a while. I was however cleaning a 64 square feet glass panel.  I needed to re-charge after the glass walls. After charging I was able to finish the tile floor and walls.  I am not certain it would hold up on the job day in and out for my crews abuse but I can assure you it won’t make it that far away from my hands anyway.  It’s a great tool to have on hand for household cleaning.  I recommend small tasks for it.   It cut through the build up with no hesitation.  I also noticed how light weight it is and comfortable in my hand.  I would like an angled head attachment to get better into the corners of the shower.  Maybe a longer head attachment that can go into the small corners.  Splash guard seems to get in the way in corners, not enough to stop the cleaning just to annoy and cause you to have to adjust.


I can imagine a whole world of uses if I was in the profession of leather, metals or other works that could use polishing.  Pretty sure it would come in handy in a makers shop.  If you are looking for a gift or just to add it to your collection at the price just under $50 – Buy it!

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