About Matt Lutes

I’ve been in and around construction all of my life.  My father is a carpenter, home builder, but has also done pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to construction.  Fortunately, I was able to get to work with him throughout my childhood and even now from time to time.  I also had the opportunity to spend two years of high-school in a building trades class in which we built a house each year.  After graduating a friend of mine who was a carpet layer asked if wanted to help him, and as the saying goes “the rest is history.”  After having my fill of all the berber basements that we could stand, we started branching out into other areas of flooring.  We learned a lot from other journeyman we knew as well as from my friend's Father-in-law who has been in the flooring business for the past 40+ years.  We started doing more wood floors and as well some tile jobs.  I really took a liking to these two and have stuck with them for the past 6 years or so.  As I progressed in my tile skills, the custom shower side of things really struck a chord with me.  I really enjoy taking a blank canvas turning it into something beautiful that will last a lifetime or at least until the trends change and people want to rip out all that hard work.
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