Work wear

Blåkläder 1690 Ripstop work pants are rugged and tough. 

I am really enjoying using these new pants. I don’t always need the tool bag pockets that Blåkläder is known for. These will be perfect for those days. They still have a several tool pockets larger cellphone pockets and more. They also have my favorite pockets of all…the much needed reinforced kneepad pockets.

   Even those these may be the toughest ones yet they’re still quite comfortable. They are built perfectly for me. They are cut generously and  have quite a bit of give for a kneeling, crouching, bending, stretching and climbing.

The poly/cotton blend material is really tough but also lightweight. And breathable. I think it will feel cooler in the summer than 100% cotton especially if you are out of direct sunlight.

Here are some details from Blåkläder:

A new, heavily tested fabric is launched within Blaklader. The rip-stop fabric is lightweight and comfortable with an unmatched durability of even the heaviest fabrics. Equipped with features like kneepad pockets and carpenter pockets on the leg, making this pant the essential tool for your work day. The gusseted crotch panel is made from stretch material increasing the flexibility and durability.


60% cotton, 40% polyester, ripstop 250 g/m²


Stretch panels

Pre-bent knees


CORDURA® 1000 reinforced nail pockets, back pockets, ruler pocket, leg pockets, knees and hem


Plastic zipper fly

Loops, one with D ring

Inside leg seam with double stitching

Blåkläder embroidery back


Back pockets with bellow, reinforced

Leg pocket with pen pocket, extra pocket and telephone pocket, Leg pocket with zipper, Thigh pocket with zipper

Knee protection pockets with two placement level options and velcro closure

Side pockets

Ruler pocket reinforced with CORDURA®, Ruler pocket with extra pocket, Ruler pocket with pen pocket


Leg bottom with CORDURA® reinforcement, Adjustable leg hem with drawstring and CORDURA®-reinforcement


Reflective details

Available at Toolnut here ???


  1. Nicholas


    I thought of something else I would like to have in high end work pants. I have a pair of Fox shorts and the pockets on them have magnetic closures. It’s super convenient and secure. Also, deep pockets are a must!

  2. Nicholas


    I would definitely not want button a button up fly as shown in the picture. I would want double knee protection and I would want zippered pockets for when I’m laying on the ground or crawling around.

  3. Neal


    #blaklader#out with the old in with the new

  4. whoever told these people that folks in the states don’t like bold logos better check themselves. The US started the trend. Look at all the people wearing UnderArmour, Nike, Adidas, etc. We have shirts with logos front and center or even bigger! Why not allow us to decide? I’d love the chance to try these out.

  5. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  6. Aaron Wilkins

    Usually my work pants are good jeans that make their way onto a Jobsite. I’d like to start wearing dedicated workwear. Things like extra pockets and knee pads are definite positives. My knees hurt at the end of every day, my pants always rip/tear and you can never have enough pockets haha.

  7. Elias

    Would love to try those work pants…

  8. Jcmuff

    Ha! I just realized why I like these pants so much. Back in the early 80’s I wore something very similar same color pockets were zippered. I could spin around on my back bone. I looked good!

  9. Tom

    @thomasthetrainwreck I have never tried blakladder work wear but have heard amazing things about them! If i win the giveaway i would be able to have an opinion and possibly think of ways they could be improved. Congrats on all the followers!

  10. Ryan Kulhanek

    I hate wearing a tool belt so these pants would work perfect for me! Would love to try a pair out!

  11. Luke emert

    Ig: @emertrenovation
    Need me some of these! Can’t keep a pair of carharts for more than 6 months

  12. Luke emert

    Ig: @emertrenovations
    I currently use carhart pants and I’ve destroyed so many pairs. Can’t use blue jeans because they just don’t last. Never used these pants but I’d be interested to see if they last.

  13. Jcmuff

    These pants look good to me. I like the color too. I’ve never used pants with kneepad pockets so that is the feature I’m most interested in.

  14. Jcmuff

    Thsee pats look good to me. I like

  15. big adrian

    Jeans a good solid historical work pants but i actually think these tougher pants will look a bit more professional as they look like part of a uniform @ turnitonelectrc

  16. Dale hardisty

    @lawrenceg00 really durable work wear. Plus the pockets come in handy

  17. Ryan @rcrich85

    Not a tradesman but always doing home improvements around the house and building things. I try and find an old pair of athletic shorts to wear and that doesn’t cut it sometimes.

  18. Dan

    @danriveraa , they have everything needed out on yhe work field. Pockets cor your acrews, holder for your bits and knee pad insertion pockets to keep em happy!

  19. Chris

    They make super rugged gear. Only have one pair, but they are awesome. The only issue I have is they are too heavy to wear all summer! (The pair i have)

  20. Marc @truesouthdesign

    @truesouthdesign I need a pant that is durable enough to take the abuses of concrete, the heat and mess and hours of walking with an asphalt paving crew, to working in my shop at home, all in the same day. These look awesome and could be up to the task. I love the pockets but I don’t need to much bulk. I’ve been on the fence with these and this could be an opportunity to make me a believer.

  21. Chad Lovell

    I’m a roofer and have yet to find pants that last I would definitely like to try these out.

  22. Josh McGowan

    I’d love to try some of these out. Currently just use old blue jeans that end up with a ripped knee. Only thing I’d change from what I see is price, that’s what keeps me from buying a pair. I know you get what you pay for and I believe they are a quality product. I just have like 8 pairs of old jeans to use up.


  23. Josh

    I dig the bold logo. Most important features in work pants are strong knees and a gusseted crotch. The tool carrying bells n whistles are nice but if I’m carrying tools it’s in my bags. Nothing beats some occidental leathers. @poshjopky

  24. Daniel

    More pockets would be sweet ?


  25. There pants look awesome! all the pockets and look to be well made!

  26. Paul Rehorst

    These pants look tough, I would love be to put these through their paces around the house working on projects.@p.rehorst

  27. Graham Dunbar

    Would like built in knee pads @electrician_nation

  28. Thomas

    Never owned one would like to see how they are.

  29. Austin

    I wish my canvas work pants had padding in the knees, and they don’t breathe very well. @aclev3

  30. Gilbert

    I love the external pouches that don’t poke you when filled with screws. As well as the padded knees. Goodbye to knee pads. @gilberthfr

  31. Tom R

    I like the pockets and knee pad insert pockets. I don’t like the price.


  32. Tyler chamberlain

    As an electrician I’m tired of having so many screws and marettes in my pockets. I haven’t owned these but they are definitely on my list of upgrades


  33. zhissem82

    @carpeski_em I like lightweight but strong pants that stretch and move with me. Pockets and storage that make sense are a must. Thanks!

  34. Kobie barker

    Have never tried these, as a roofer the pockets and holders would be amazing to have, coushioned knees would be very helpful.

    Look flexible and comfortable both things i need in pants (hence cheap sweatpants have both but not as practical obviously)

    Would love a pair!

  35. Zac

    carpeski_em I need pants that are lightweight and strong that stretch in the right places and have enough storage so I can keep the tools I need close by. Thanks!

  36. Nolan

    I like the ruggedness of them and would come in handy for small jobs where I don’t need to wear my tool belt.
    – vbcarpentry

  37. Jesse

    Insta- jesseanthonywilson

    Most durable pants I’ve ever come across. Great part about them is I can fit my steel flex knee pads in them!!

  38. These look amazibg. I havent gotten to try them out but would love to get the chance, sometimes even my carharts cant keep up. The nail pockets would be a life saver, I hate not being able to decide whether to put on my whole tool belt rig just to put a bunch of screws in something, this would solve that.

    The one thing I didnt see was that it would be awesome if these pants had a metal tape measure slot somewhere just under the belt line.

    IG: funkssidekick

  39. Hank Forman

    Hank6353 the durability of blaklader brand is better than any other pant of this type. What I would like to see improved is different positions for the knee pads.
    Hank Forman

  40. Aubrey Seymour

    I @z1p2005 live in the US and I wouldn’t change a thing about your work pants, I would like to see a pair of work shorts with the same layout as the pants though. I didn’t see a pair on your sight unless I overlooked them. Either way, top notch design!

  41. James King

    I like that they’re made of cordura. It’s tough stuff! I’d love to test a pair out here on our little farm to see how the hold up. @shiftedsands is my insta handle.

  42. Ryan Robertson @ryguy7778

    What I look for is comfort but most of all durability. I rip alot of pants in the knees. I also think having good pockets is essential. Being able to reach into pockets to grab what you need without needing a toolbelt. It’s nice to have the least accessories on you when doing finishing work so you don’t scuff cabinets etc with belts and such.


  43. Fred Hadzocos

    I have one pair and the built in tool belt and knee pads are amazing plus they come in my size 32. Instagram name mobius1982

  44. Shawn Arsenault

    I like not wearing a tool belt when I can, and these pants seems like they could help with that! @shawn902

  45. I like these pants as not too many people have them just yet. Reinforced knees and durable material. Lots of pockets for holding things! @onecalldrywall

  46. I like these pants as not too many people have them just yet. Reinforced knees and durable material. Lots of pockets for holding things!

  47. Matt Doolan


    I would say a better crotch fit, but they are awesome as they are!

  48. Peter Jang


  49. Peter Jang

    As a plumber knee protection and durability is a must for me. Id like to try out Blaklader because it looks like a very useful pair of pants. Plumbing is a jack of all trades so all the extra features would really help out. Also the slip in knee pad feature is really appealing to me as i go through quite a few knee pads. Also being around many trades in highrise construction requires premium durability and hopefully these pants will do the trick. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  50. Brandon George

    Nothing I can say about them. Never had a pair. Look cool. I like the idea of the knee pad pockets, I’m in the tile business and that would be useful.

  51. Square&True


    A small number of useful pockets… there is such a thing as too many.

    Quality material with heavy duty zippers

    A crotch gusset so I can move more freely

    Wider leg openings so the end of the pants go over my boots rather than sitting on top of them.

  52. Blake stegeman


    I love the fact that you can have the knee pads in the pants. I could do without the front tool pockets though. I’m seriously considering these when I need to get a new pair of work pants.

  53. Daniel Matthews

    Pants that don’t stress on the knees and “back door” when kneeling are hard to come by. I don’t own any of these but everything I have heard about them makes me believe they will get the job done. – @rise_woodworks

  54. Great work gear, I have 2 pull overs and 1 zip up, very durable

  55. John Edgar Park

    Lovely pants. @jedgarpark

  56. Corky Gidden

    Sorry didn’t do it right

  57. Corky Gidden

    IG: ArmyCorky looks like a great work attire. Would really have to try them out to see if they would be right for me. Like the subdued look though.

  58. Logan Hardee

    Look super touch. I wear 511 tactical pants so I’m curious to see how these compare.
    I’m @tool_addict

  59. Kristen

    Would love to win for my husband

  60. Dave

    Love to win these my red back Pads should fit the knee pockets

  61. Kristen bergman


  62. Kristen bergman

    I’m just trying to win for my husband who destroys jeans on the regular

  63. Brian Kennedy

    I like the pockets and durability! @montgomerymillwork

  64. Jess bergman

    I’m just sick and tired of ripping the arse out of carhartt pants if love to ty a pair

  65. Jess bergman

    I’m just sick and tired of ripping the arse out of carhartt pants if love to ty a pair

  66. Brandon Blatchley

    Blaklader has made some nice stuff over the years, but they need to focus on, or give extra attention to, making things breathe a little better. My only other issue has been inconsistent sizing. Order the same pants in the same size just a few weeks later and the size is off. That said, I’m digging some of the new styles. Knee pads without pouches are great for flooring, framing, and a lot of other tasks where having a belt, vest, or nothing at all, is more advantageous than the tool pouches.


  67. Andrew Wederquist

    @ wederman89 Love these pants, probably will never buy another pair of carhartts. i wish the double pockets were removeable, a little bit slimmer fit and i wish the hammer loop was a little more refined..

  68. Tyler Murray

    These look sharp! I like that they’re 1000D which should ensure durability.
    I’m quite happy to see that Blåkläder is involved in both arenas: work and industry while keeping an eye to sustainability. That’s a company I could get on board with. Thanks for the review! IG @Yukon.Living

  69. Eric Ingle

    @ericingle I like the knee-protection pockets and the the new rip-stop material. I wear pants year-round and could really put this new Blåkläder pant to some severe torture.

    • Emma

      @lillyroseems these pants look awesome-super durable which is just what my fiancé needs. He goes through his “work pants” so quickly. I know these would last him a long time.

  70. Levon Cullen

    I love euro workwear. Removable knee pads are a must. I’d like to see removable front tool pockets and slimmer fit.

  71. Daniel Oad


    Pockets and kneepads! Durability is awesome

  72. dave

    I would love to demo these as I fly through blue Jeans like a bandit. @myerspace

  73. Dennis sparks

    I like good work pants and these are some oo those! @Fasenuff

  74. Laura

    Instagram: @bulldawg_plumbing

    I’ve never heard of this brand before…I checked out their website and was bummed that they don’t have a girl version. Don’t get me wrong, I would still love to try the men’s small, but it would be even better if they at least made an extra small.

    Work clothes are almost impossible for me to find, so I end up wearing jeans. Jeans have a short lifespan, though, because I blow out the knees…and even worse, suffer the emBARE-ASSment of tearing the crotch or butt on a job. ?? (Not fun).

    I really like the look of the front of the high vis pants. as soon as I saw them, I fell in love. I don’t know if I’d use the knee pad pockets. I think I’d rather wear external knee pads that are removeable. (For convenience AND cuz I’m a girl and I wouldn’t want those hidden pads to make my knees look fat LOL ?)

  75. Peter baker

    clean and simple for me with tough materials and reinforced knees!

  76. Ken Warywoda

    I need/want pants that are durable for not only the tool belt rubbing against them but also being brushed up against studs and other materials at work. Pants should also be flexible. Don’t want my pants binding up when I kneel down or being restrictive when I step up on a scaffold.

  77. Alexi H

    Never worn a pair personally. Just recently learned about the brand on instagram. Im from Canada, to asnwer the question, I dont mind the large logo. I would show it off. In regards to the pants… I’ve tried nearly every other brand. Dakota seems to rip holes quicker than Carhartt and I like the pouch pockets in Dickies… something that might improve the styles could be high vis stitching or even bands around the ankles… Insta: @supertramp_204

  78. Aaron Maher

    I am a huge fan of blaklader pants, I use the heavy duty pants and the bantam stone work pants.
    The logo idea im fine with that , and i would prefare the pouch pockets as im not comfortable in a work belt.
    One thing they should improve on is, The slip in knee pads are a great idea however when you use them, That outside material rips almost right away.
    They have went with a lighter material then the pants themselfs im not sure why, When that will be the place that will rip first….
    Still over all i would not buy any outer work pants.

  79. Chris Matthes

    My work pants suck! I need more pockets and have to have stuff hanging off my belt all the time. Would love to try a pair of these out. @cmatthes on insta.

  80. Frank

    IG = 58chev_delray
    Gotta love the built in knee pockets and the fact that this pant model has a zipper, nothing worse than a button fly.

  81. Ryan Roberts

    These pants look awesome to work in. Love to try them out!

  82. Jeff

    I’ve never had the pleasure of trying out a pair yet! But I would be interested in the breathablilty. Living in cold/ hot climate of the east coast, Canada.. I’d love to see how they fair. Also not a fan or wearing a full tool belt, so these would come in extremely handy!


    IG: wecraftwood

  83. Brad Shaw

    On the thighs, where my pocket knife sits, is the first part to always wear through my pants. More durability in that area would be key for me. Currently do not own a pair.

  84. Derrick steele

    I would really like these instead of wearing a heavy tool belt. This would cut down on weight and help me be more comfortable. Thanks @rolltide123456

  85. Liam

    Insta- @wlfpk

    Bar none the number one thing for work pants has to be breathability and durability. Nothing stops a work day dead in its tracks like brutal chafing (too much information? Probably but…meh) and I am not into heavy denim all day long in the dead of summer. And lightweight, everyday pants rip way too easily so a combination of breathability and durability is key.

    Also the various pockets that allow me to do benchmark without strapping up my toolbelt is a huge plus.

  86. Scott Parson

    Haven’t tried a pair. Would love try a pair on my wood shop.

  87. Dave

    Great thorough review as always! I love the idea of these. They seem bulky and concerned about the heat but would have to try them out. They actually look like my Kilm riding pants with extra pockets!

    IG @davecurrie

  88. Sam hanlon

    Ig name is – @turlonwoodwrk
    I love blaklader work wear its insanely durable and comfortable. I have a few of their sweaters but no pants. I dont think they need to improve anything very quality clothing never heard a real complaint yet.
    Great review btw keep it up!

  89. Brent Johnston

    This comment isn’t specific to the pants under review but related . I got the painter pants recently and they are very comfortable and functional, but I feel like they just made a white version and called them painters pants. They could be improved by rethinking the layouts on the side pockets, including a dust brush sleeve in the back right pocket and a rag/hammer loop on the left as well. (Just my preferred side for a rag.) The lower side pockets are ok but I prefer pockets on the front of the pants for working on knees. The best painter pants I’ve worn are made by Armed Workware but if Blaklader copied them a bit more (dust brush sleeve, front thigh pockets) they’d be the best. The things I love about the Blaklader besides the general comfort and the unique front flap pockets are the reinforced back pockets so I can keep a 6″ in there with less worry about rips. The side pockets don’t really work as well for my daily load-out as the front pockets on the Armed Workware for me, but they’re still appreciated. Thank you. Ig @abundancedragon

  90. Kieran reid

    @k.reid_renovations I have never had a pair but my dickies (that are less than 2 months old) crotch split open the other day ?? so it’s either a pair of these or the work kilt they have

  91. Steve

    Definitely like the pockets these work pants have. Also how durable they are. We beat the crap out of our gear at work so it’s nice to have something that will last more than a week haha

    IG @builttoughtooltalk

  92. Nate

    I’m in Florida so they have to be breathable. Can’t be too hot

  93. Patrick Henderson

    As someone who used to think that dedicated on-pant tool pouches were gimmicky, bought a pair of pants with them and oh man do they ever make life easier! Best feature by far!!


  94. Jason Cribbs

    The best thing about the pants is the fact that while being very durable they are also flexible. Often we see work gear where you can barely stand with your feet beyond shoulder width apart. These pants are amazing. Great review. IG name: @jaybirdandhawk

  95. Alexander

    Comfortable and durable for me is top priority followed by pockets and pocket designs where you can pull your phone out of your pocket while in the truck!

  96. Great review. Never owned one so this would be a 1st for me. Looks like a good pants that is durable. @lance_christine

  97. Alex S

    thanks for the great write up. It does look like they fit perfectly. I do have a few blaklader shorts and they are holding up well. I tried on the Blaklader 1600 at the world of concrete in january and they were to heavy. In my opinion they should be a little bit lighter but still made for heavy duty use/work. But when I kneed and moved around they felt very comfortable.

  98. Love the pockets, built in knee pads and rip stop @gymlorsung

  99. Austin werrmann

    I have a few pies of brawny pants that coincidentally I got from tool nut. I really like just about every thing about them except I feel the knee pad pocket is to low. A lot of the times it’s on my shins.


  100. Given I’m almost always in shorts….due to temperatures….and comfort….I may not have the best comment. When I do wear pants for work, I want comfort, stretch, breathability and for them to last. Jeans still do the job, but I know there’s better out there.

  101. Charles

    I have the Bantam pants and the pouches are so useful. Carrying a tape measure in them all the time comes in handy.

    IG @makitacharles

  102. Nate

    @builtby_n8 (IG) I like how durable they look. My work pants are in rough shape.

  103. Alex G

    My IG is @funkblaster. Thanks for the good review on the rip stops. Might be my next pair.

  104. Alex G

    Recently I made a change from working residential remodels and additions to commercial construction carpentry. I wear the blaklader x1600 pants. Pull out pockets, knee pad slips and all the fun standards blaklader offers. Favorite part about those pants is they have a draw string at the cuff of the pant legs. It’s a small detail. But Wet days? Tighten up the draw string and it keeps the pant legs a lot dryer. When I first got them I thought they were a little too baggy but still fit extremely well with flexibility. Blaklader came out with the stretch fit ones that have the pull out nail pouches that zip to the pant leg which was an upgrade. I don’t know how many times crawling up through scaffolding and trusses the nail pouches on the x1600 flipped backwards. I’m from Washington so one thing I would really like to see in upcoming carpentry style pants are liners in them. The x1600 has none and with all that heavy stiching it can cause irritation on bare skin. I wear under armor compression pants that are moisture wicking because of this. Come summer time it’s going to get hot wearing compression pants though. I would recommend a type of breathable mesh liner of some sort. Or maybe even options for different styles of liners in the pants for different conditions. Besides that the blakladers definitely hold up to the test of some serious framing and demo work..The pouches are nice when the weight of tool bags is a little over kill, and the strength of the fabric and stitching hold up very well. I’m on my second pair, and at $115USD you’re paying for a quality product.

  105. @john.botes on instagram?

  106. Lucas Polak

    I like having the tool pockets most of the time. For finish work they are great. Plenty of room for 18g strips, small hand tools and like nail sets etc. I think striking a balance is important. They need to be able to breath but also be tough. Not too hot or cold. For heavier work durability and flexibility is important, don’t need too many pockets but the hammer holder has to be at a good height and on the right side. Double knees and built in knee pad pockets are important no matter what work your doing. @local27lou

  107. Valon Quamina

    I love the feel of these pants. There is a bunch of pockets for all kinds of hand tools. They are also pretty durable, and the built-in knee pad pockets are awesome.

  108. I want a tight fitting lightweight pair with tool pockets and a hammer loop that is high and big enough to actually use.
    Any suggestions?

  109. Blythe

    I really want to try out pants with kneepad pockets, still don’t have any 🙁


  110. My instagram name beardedjeeper
    I have the Helly Hanson work pants with the pull out pockets. Honestly it was a toss up between blåklaläder and Helly Hanson. I love the pull out pockets. Organizes a lot of stuff in my pockets into useable spots and if I’m crouched a lot which I usually am as a plumber I can pull the pockets out so they’re not hindering my movement so much. Nice big pockets for screws if I’m hanging duct or drainage or pex rings and fittings. Got pockets for my leatherman halfway down the leg that don’t hinder my knee movement as well where the carharrt ones did. I know this is supposed to be about blåklaläder but I would love to try them and review them as well!

  111. Justin Jones

    I work on trailers as a tech so I’m on roofs, on the ground and in them all day so I blow out knees and pockets. I wanna see them hold up to my abuse. I work in the heat for6 months so I want them to not be like wearing ski pants either. IG @justinrj95

  112. Marc Ker

    My IG name is @greatlakescustomwoodworks . I have warn Blaklader workwear for a few years. From the shorts, t-shirts, 1/4 zip sweatshirt, Bantam pants and the 1600 pants.
    I Like to wear my Blaklader because wearing the gear is the final element of working to the best of my ability. As a finish carpenter I don’t like wearing a big heavy belt in a house knocking walls and door jams with the metal hoop hauling the extra weight around.
    Wearing the pants makes it easier to fill the pockets with the proper tools & fasteners needed, wether working off a ladder or moving around a room with everything you need within reach. Not only do you look and feel more professional but you work better being more ready and organized for whatever work you do.

  113. t10ro

    My IG name is @nicksound. I don’t have a pair of blakladers yet but I’m really itching to try them out. Having reinforced knee pockets sounds great since that is where I wear out all my other pants. Also the tool pockets would be really handy as I don’t really like wearing my belt and end up shoving all my tools in my pockets.

  114. Ryan Groisboeck

    My work pants tend to have zippers and buttons break far too often. They need belt rings that are tough and fit any width of belt. Pockets that aren’t hugely annoying to reach your hand in. And possibly some sort of stain resistance? That last one is a lot to ask but I don’t see anyone else working on it. IG: @wowrywow

  115. @dooododoo I was blown away with my 1st pair of Blaklader pants. Total game changer because tool belts are overkill for what I do (handyman). I think zip away legs might be a good idea. The pants tend to get hot in the summer. So zipping off the legs to turn them into instant shorts would be awesome.

  116. Lucas Kleinsasser

    I really dig the big pockets! A and the look is great! And the knee reanforcemnt is a must for me!!

  117. Stefano

    @stefanotheumber Great review. I love that they made them lighter then the original material.. That was probably the only issue I had with them. Also I would like to see more availability in Canada.

  118. Matt Nault

    There a forging of comfort and durability. I dislike bulky toolbelts and use my Blaklader pockets for everything and throw a hammer loop on my belt. The waste doesn’t really fit me well and I have had a zipper break on my shorts which suck. Minor though when it comes to everything these pants offer. @timberheartconstruction

  119. Kenan

    Never tried them but I’d be stoked for something that didn’t wear through in 6 months!! @badplumbing

    • Kenan

      I want some! Who cares about the emblazoned logo? That just means people get an advertisement when they stare at my butt! Who wouldn’t want that sexy walking billboard? @badplumbing

  120. Jorge

    Super durable while still having flexibility. The best work panst I own. 1 thing I would change is do a slight tapper at the bottom I would prefer this.

  121. Bradley

    Great review! If I didn’t work almost all of time in the sun now I’d be ordering a pair! I don’t have any of these yet but one concern I have with buying pants is how quickly are the knees going to wear since I do a fair amount of kneeling on concrete, and how durable the pockets are both on the inside and the egdes.

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