Husky Water Resistant Leather Gloves


   I  feel everyone in the trades can benefit from good work gloves.  I didn’t always feel this way.  When I was younger I felt invincible and may have even felt that scars from cuts and scrapes were cool. You know what they say, “Chicks dig scars.”  Today I feel differently.  Hand injuries slow us down no matter how you slice it. (pun)  Even minor hand injuries can become major problems.  I have even seen pictures of people losing entire fingers from infections from what seemed to be minor cuts.    Not to mention the down time during a job healing or the medical bills if injured that can be avoided with the proper protection.

   I have worked on a few different large-scale commercial projects that required everyone to wear gloves unless they were operating a table saw , grinder, drill press or other tool with a rotating blade or bit.  You can imagine any number of injuries that could result from a glove coming into contact with a spinning blade.  It was on these sites that I truly developed an appreciation for gloves.  I realized that the “I’m too tough for gloves” mentality just doesn’t work.  I found that it only took a few days to get used to them.

 I soon got to the point where I actually felt something was missing until I put on my gloves.


 There are so many options out there that there is a glove designed for nearly every task and situation.  I always used to use leather gloves because I felt they were the best.  With advances in synthetics there has been a huge influx of gloves made from other materials.  I like them with Kevlar for cut resistance in certain applications like steel stud framing or handling glass.  A lot of people like them for their better finger dexterity.  They are also unaffected by water.

  That is what is so cool about these new Husky water-resistant gloves. They are super comfortable. The leather is really soft on your hands.  They offer really good overall impact, abrasion and puncture resistance.  They are more versatile than many other more specialized materials.  These new husky gloves offer all the benefits of regular leather plus they don’t shrink or get hard after getting wet. They aren’t water proof but they are made in such a way to withstand washing or rinsing.  We completely dunked ours and experienced no ill effects.  This is not something everyone does but working in wet weather or wet trades gives peace of mind that this will be a glove that will stand up to what is thrown at it on the job.

  We have used these for cutting firewood stacking and hauling firewood. We have use them for doing demolition on water damage property. We have also used them outside with some landscaping pulling out bushes and moving blocks.

  I have to admit they are a nice looking pair of gloves for the money. At The Home Depot you can get a pair for under $15. Definitely worth a look and if you are in the market for an all around tough pair of work gloves you should take a look into this pair.  They are Toolpig approved!

The Home Depot

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