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Renin Corp and Barn Door Install And Giveaway!





  We have been using Renin building products for awhile now. They offer a lot of style and good quality at really affordable prices. We are more than pleased with these barn door kits. Each kit contains pretty much everything you need for the whole process. The slab, rail, rollers, Soft Close Latches, handle, screws, bolts and assorted accessories are all in the box.  All you need are a few tools and an hour or so depending on your skill level. The instructions are well written and understandable. 

After posting one of our previous installs, Renin reached out to offer a giveaway for our followers. We are ALWAYS interested in giving back to you all in appreciation of all the support.  Therefore we are pleased to announce this giveaway of the  with 3 winners in USA and Canada! Below is the door you can win!

T o enter: Leave your instagram name and where you would install this door in the comments below! You must be following Renincorp on social media like instagram. You must be 18 or over. You must live in the US or Canada   







This barn door features our Exclusive preinstalled Easy Glide Soft Close mechanism for a quiet and smooth open and close. This one-piece chevron plank design door in a pre-stained satin nickel grey finish adds character and a unique charm to any room. This barn door compliments any home, office or common space and includes our hardened steel straight strap hardware kit, matching handle in matte black finish and our Easy Glide Soft Close.


Barn Door Kit includes: Rustic Matte Black Hardware, Track, Handle, Wood Backer & Barn Door

Pre-installed Easy Glide Soft Close mechanism for a quieter and smoother closing action

Trackless door design keeps floor opening clear and hazard-free

Ready-to-assemble, pre-drilled mounting holes and bottom-groove guide

Fits openings between 28″ – 34″ wide and opening height of 80-1/2″

Actual Panel: 36″ x 84″ x 1-3/8″

Pre-finished doors are manufactured in a way that requires no further painting or staining

The manufacturing materials used create a realistic and permanent finish.

Many other styles available at Lowes home improvement.page1image1173805856page1image1173806128page1image1173806400



  1. David

    A little separation for the hallway and living room!

  2. Justin Donley


    Between my hallway and dining room

  3. I would put it between my dining room and front hallway

  4. We would put it in our entrance way.. shutting out the cold!

  5. Nancy Hieronymus

    We just bought a house and they took off a lot of the doors. Soooo I would probably use this beauty for my master bath door! @now.we.are.5

  6. Nancy Hieronymus

    We just bought a house and they took the doors off of a lot of the rooms. So I would use it problem in the master bath!

  7. Shelly Jackson


    As a worker from home office and female in residential construction I would LOVE this barn door as my office entrance!

    Great site content too!

  8. Brooke West


    My twin sister is building her forever home and I would LOVE to surprise her with this amazing g door for her bedroom! 😍

  9. Zack Russo

    I would install this for my mother in her craft room. She has been wanting one for quite some time and this would be perfect for the holidays!!!! Thanks all

  10. Joe Kneen

    IG @joseph_kneen

    The gray stain and herringbone pattern would be perfect for the house that I’m in the midst of building. I would use these for our walk-in closet and probably get two additional ones for laundry room and ensuite bathroom.

  11. Brian

    Hey toolpig!

    Great website. I’ve been a follower for a long time. Keep up the great work!

    I’d put the barn door in my upstairs loft.


  12. Brian

    Hello Toolpig!
    I’d put it in my upstairs loft! Great website. Keep up the great work!


  13. Matt Garrison

    These are awesome. I’ve got 2 doorways that I’m wanting to put sliding doors up in and these would be perfect!

  14. Melynda Davies

    For my master bathroom, its 6 years overdue!!


  15. Melynda Davies

    For my master bathroom that is 6 years overdue!!


  16. IG: @mikejj83
    I would replace the bifold door in the laundry room. It would be a great ascetic upgrade.

  17. Michael

    I have a couple of pocket doors that I can use this door to replace them with my wife really like that door and the color too. So if I don’t win I just might have to buy one or two 🤓👍👍👍

  18. Corey Johnson

    My first house is almost done and this would be perfect for the cased opening between my laundry room and kitchen.

  19. John Robinson

    @bigjrob22 This would be great in the master bathroom so I don’t wake anyone up in the morning.

  20. Leethelawnguy

    My wife #judytheremolder would love have these.

  21. I’d put it as the divider for the entrance to my kitchen!

    Insta: Topher.marino

  22. Jason Hooton


    This would go on our master closet. Our room is pretty simple, this would add some class.

  23. My girlfriend has been really wanting this door for her bedroom door

  24. Jason Hooton


    The closet in our master bedroom. We such simple things, this would really add some class.

  25. Adam Davies

    I need this to cover up the bathroom in my master bedroom so I don’t wake my wife up every morning with the lights and maybe my kids will stop walking in on me in the shower.


  26. Daniel

    Sweet giveaway!
    I would install it in my basement for my kids playroom. 😁


  27. Tony Cizinoski

    Instagram handle is @cizinoski48…My first name is Tony and I would install this sliding door at the doorway going to the basement…Cheers Paul !!!😉👍🍻

  28. @built_by_Goodman instagram

    I could use this door for my laundry room I am building. Thanks toolpig



    Would love to put this up in front of our bedroom closet. Seems like the bedroom gets overlooked the most in my house.
    Love the vid.

  30. Clayton

    Beautiful door and hardware. I would install between kitchen and living room! Instagram name is @piocontracting

  31. Jeff (@stewcob)

    Need need need.
    Would look insane in our new sitting room.
    My wife would love me long time if I pull this off somehow.

  32. @stewcob

    What a gem I’d use it for our new sitting room. Keep it hidden when we need and have serious style at the same time.
    Love it.

  33. Derek Garcia

    I’d install it at my daughters house. She and her mom and sister just moved into a 1936 bungalow and this barn door would be a perfect fix for a problematic access door they have now.

    Great post and awesome info!

  34. Peter Polcyn

    I have a few projects I could use that door on or if my wife sees it, it may end up in my house😄 @railandstilewoodworks

  35. We just bought this house for our family and they had taken a lot of the doors off of the rooms. So we would use it either in the master bath or on one of the closets. Depending on where we think it would look fabulous at! 😊

  36. David Hart

    Hello toolpig,

    I am finishing a laundry room in my house to suprise my family. This door would look awesome for the entrance.

    Thanks for the great posts, I get motivated just looking at them.


  37. We have so many places we could put this door!🤔 We just bought this house for us and they had took off so many of the doors. So it could go up for our master bath or different closets! Depending on where we think it would look fabulous at. 😊. @now.we.are.5

  38. Dan Myall

    This door is beautiful and loved watching the install with the line laser! Nice job Bro! Installed between my master bed and living room in my 5th wheel, this door would be perfect!

  39. Kevin White

    I plan on putting one leading into the master bath and closet and another to switch out my pantry door. Love the soft close addition!

  40. Jessie Breidenstein


    would love to have it for our upstairs bathroom so we have more room! Love the look of the chevron on the door!

  41. Derek Garcia

    Great design, love the chevron pattern and soft close hardware!

    My daughter just moved into a new house with her mom and sister….they have a funky entry way to get to their second story staircase and this barn door would be an awesome alternative.

    Great giveaway and excellent info and posts as always. Thank you!

    Derek Garcia
    Portland Oregon
    IG: @black_dog_design_and_build

  42. Rodney Offhaus

    Been planning a sliding door for my bathroom as it is small and could use the extra space without having a swinging door

  43. Dave Brownson

    I’d put it on my master closet

  44. @fagadaddy
    I have a cased opening between my dining room and living room that this would work great in.

  45. Joe Mascetti

    I just had my plans finalized the house Includes 3 barn doors. We would use them in the new house we starting now.
    They look great

  46. We would install it for our laundry room. Once that was done .05% of the house could be called “finished”. 😀


    P.S. When did Makita change the fit of their batteries? I got a new Makita cordless sawzall and was super excited to use it. Tried to put a battery on *que sad trombone*. I think it might be because old batteries aren’t the star ones?

  47. Jenna

    Hi! I love this door and it would be absolutely perfect in between our mud room and laundry room …. at the moment we are using a heavy plastic sheeting as a door, held in place with staples. Please help a desperate, but design-drive. Person out ???

  48. Mei

    My husband and I just bought our first house together!! We would love this door for our bedroom ensuite. It matches our floors perfectly!!


  49. Mei

    My husband and I just bought our first house together! We are doing a major renovation and running low on budget. We hope to win this beautiful door to use for our ensuite in the bedroom. It matches our grey floors perfectly!!


  50. Nathan Miller

    I would use it for out master bathroom. We just remodeled it and wanted to do a barn door on it.

    Insta: @superchevy01

  51. Jake Simmons

    I would leave it up to my wife where we would put it! She has been dying to get one but with it being our first home funds are tight. Good looking product!

  52. Melissa Lessard

    I would install this for the living room off our main floor! We’ve been thinking of using this like an office space but don’t want to disturb others in the house. This would be perfect! @branded_babe

  53. John


    I’d like to install a barn door in our front hallway to our coat closet. This would eliminate having a traditional door opening out and blocking the hallway when it’s open.

  54. Alison

    Hi! I would put this on our bedroom! Alison_elizabeth6

  55. Justin

    Looks like a great barn door kit. Planning on putting a barndoor on our master bath and sons bedroom.
    IG: justinf5335

  56. Rmrelectric5

    Definitly need this for the master bathroom !

  57. Ryan R

    Was planning on doing a barn door for our master bath when we get the chance to remodel, maybe I could win this one!

  58. @wired_installs

    I would install it going from master to bath. We have pocket doors around the house but for this one my wife talked me into going with the Barn Door. I haven’t purchased one because they all felt so cheapy and I have been looking for a quality door that’s gonna last.

  59. Tayna Rogers

    Beautiful ! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hang this on my laundry room
    @tayna___ on instagram

  60. Dan R

    This sweet door would go in front of our home office!

  61. Tim

    Can’t wait to hang my first barn door! I helped my uncle years ago build one for his shed but they didn’t know what soft close was back then. Thanks toolpig

  62. Christopher

    wickedmayhem perfect for our master bedroom which has no door going into the bathroom. My wife would finally get off my back about this situation lol

  63. Celvin Marquez

    i would use this door as the entrance door to the master bathroom. Would look awesome!!!

  64. Nick Tanner

    Instagram name is:


    Where would I install the door?:

    Definitely would install this puppy in our sunroom for sure!!! Would be the perfect addition to the room. Have always wanted to install one of these because they look so good and are great for certain spaces!

    Glad you guys make such good connections with your suppliers that they want to reach out like this!

    Keep up the good work??

  65. EG Perkins

    Perkins Woodwork here! I would definitely use this on our bathroom door since we are about to do a full master remodel at our house. I was going to build one similar to this! Perfect timing!

  66. Kyle Davis

    Hello Toolpig,

    That door is awesome! My Instagram is ky_davis_85 and I’d use the door in my house for the office.

  67. Kyle Davis

    Hello toolpig!

    That door is awesome. My Instagram is @ky_davis_85
    I’d use the door in my house for the office.

  68. I’m currently redoing my whole living room as my fiancé will be moving in and want to give her a big surprise with a makeover of our home. Since it’s more of a bachelor pad at the moment. Every time I stumble upon on your posts it’s alwats great content. Keep it up man!

  69. Clifton Clendenen

    @cliftonclendenen I think this would look great in my parents home. Maybe for the bedrooms!

  70. Barn doors look and great. I’ll have sit this giveaway out seeing no place to store use them at time or near future

  71. Zack Hartle

    I’d love this to replace the awful sliding mirror door on my closet.

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