When it comes to cordless LED work lights there aren’t many stand out companies.  Dewalt work lights have been the only real competition for the segment leader in the past few years. 

Tripod Light

  We have enjoyed using several of them on our jobs for about 3 years now. The first one we picked up was the tripod light. It is probably our most used work light. We really like having such a bright powerful light with no cords to trip over or try to plug in when outlets are scarce.  It has around 2000 lumens on high. The color of the light is nice and white. It’s not too far to the blue side like some of the cheaper LED lights.

  Most of us are used to light coming from above so it is really nice to have the option of many different heights with the tripod light. You can use it up to 7 feet.  That range is plenty for working on anything from the ground. It doesn’t matter if its inside or out. You should be able to find a brightness and height level to suit your task. If you are in a big area you can easily run two or more.

Light From Above

  This brings us to the next light. It is the newest one we have seen from DeWalt. It is pretty compact and very versatile. With 5000 lumens and 360 degrees output it is extremely compact and versatile. It has a heavy steel hook so you can hang it  on a pipe or ceiling joist. Additionally it can be tripod mounted or used on a flat surface or even the ground.  I prefer to hang it from above for best light spread.

  If you hang it up out of reach, you will appreciate the Bluetooth functions of it. It is nice to be able to adjust the output, light spread and power from the ground without getting on a ladder.  You simply download the app, pair it and you are ready to roll. This is one of  the few tools I like using an app on. Most portable tools are more useful to me with a simple speed dial. 

The Big Boy

  The first light I saw from Dewalt is the large area work light.  It is an impressive floor standing light with up to 7800 lumens when plugged in. It offers around up to 3000 lumens of 360 degree light spread on battery.  On battery, it is quite bright for lighting up even a large room. Even on battery it  is more powerful with more useful light than a 500w Halogen work light. When plugged in it is amazing! It throws far more light than a typical pair of halogen work lights and creates a tiny fraction of the heat we all got used to while using halogens.  These are so good I got rid of all my halogen lights. The only thing I would say is don’t look at them or you will be rewarded with bright holes  in your vision. 

  This floor standing  model also features Bluetooth control for brightness, light spread of 360 or 180 degrees or on and off. It is made to stack easily with other floor standing lights for compact storage. Another outstanding feature is the toughness of the build. Polycarbonate construction means it will not break if you knock it over or drop it. At the last DeWalt event he were literally hurling these 15 feet through the air at a concrete wall with no damage other than the small scuffs from the  impact on the concrete.  I’ve never seen a tougher light anywhere.  


Cut The cord and Increase Safety and Profits

    No cord means easy portability and positioning for whatever it is you need to illuminate.  I find them easy to move around the site as I move around.  This is especially important when working on homes with no power.  We run into that issue in fire damaged or flooded homes. Sometimes we have to work with the meter pulled until electrical repairs are made. We can usually get a temporary pole set but that takes days and usually only provides two circuits. If there are other trades working at the same time they can become overloaded very quickly. 

Trip hazards are decreased with cordless lighting. every cord we can eliminate is another possible trip hazard removed from our job site. We have had Workmans comp claims on our jobs from people tripping and believe me it is no fun. One of my earliest construction memories is of my dad tripping on a cord while wearing stilts. he ended up with a broken arm. It is something I will never forget. 

  We do use generators but the noise can get to you after a while. The neighbors don’t really like the noise either. We always try to get along as well as possible with neighbors. We never know when they may need our services.  If we can leave a good impression on them they will be much more likely to call us. 

Corded Or Cordless

  On the 360 degree lights the corded backup is a welcome addition.  Use it on battery when circuits are limited. Use it on corded power when max light and runtime are needed.

Most DeWalt work lights are available at http://maxtool.com