DEWALT 20V MAX* 3×360° Green Line Laser (DCLE34030)

Laser levels have grown increasingly popular every single year over the last 15 years or more. We see nearly every trade using them now. Laser levels used to be kind of rare back in the day but now they are so common that you will sometimes see one person using more than one on a job. We love this development because it elevates each trade. Each person I see using a laser level is one more person who is demonstrating that they care about the workmanship and accuracy of their job. 

Recently DEWALT sent us their newest offering the 20V MAX* 3×360° Green Line Laser DCLE34030G for review. It is a 3 x 360° green beam laser level. It has one horizontal 360° beam as well as two vertical 360° beams. All intersect at 90°. Not only can you establish level and plum lines, you can establish square layouts on floors walls and ceilings. It has a few notable upgrades compared to previous generations.

Higher Voltage!

The first thing you will notice is that the kitted laser comes with a 20V MAX* lithium ion battery.  It will still work with the 12V MAX* batteries like the other levels in the lineup. The base is designed to accept up to an 8.0 amp hour DEWALT 20V MAX* battery. Runtime on the 8.0 should be somewhere around 40 hours. The specs from DEWALT state that you will get 10 hours out of a 2.0 amp hour battery.** To handle the heavier weight of the 20V MAX* battery line up DEWALT upgraded the magnets to an array of eight rare earth magnets. They are more than powerful enough to handle the increased weight of the larger batteries.

More Accuracy!

The published accuracy is 1/8” in, 30 feet. We feel that is acceptable and comparable to current industry standards. We did test our unit very carefully according to the detailed instructions in the manual  and found it to better than advertised at less than 1/16” inch in 30 feet.  Since we depend on our laser levels for a wide range of construction related tasks we were very happy to see this high degree of accuracy. 

Since we were talking about accuracy there is another new feature that is quite outstanding in this new unit. We have been frustrated for years when trying to project layout over longer distances. When trying to establish a parallel or perpendicular line on the floor or ceiling, the slightest  lateral adjustment of the laser level can result in an exaggerated movement at the other end of the line. Say you rotate your laser level 1°. Close to the level you might get a 16th of an inch of movement but several feet away you might get 6 inches of movement so there is a struggle of back-and-forth  until you finally hit the sweet spot of your layout. 

With the new DCLE34030 there is a built-in fine adjustment knob. With this knob you can make minute adjustments from across the room. The swing with the knob is quite impressive. You rotate the laser well over 180° with it if you want to take the time. 

What’s In The Box?

The whole kit comes in a nicely padded TSTAK® interlocking toolbox. Inside you will find the laser level, battery, charger, ceiling grid mount, reflector and the instruction manual. I love the TSTAK® boxes. They make organization, transportation and protection of your tools very simple. 

With such a solid build, strong feature set and the upgrades we are sure that this new DEWALT 3 x 360 green beam laser will be one of the most popular on the market.

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*With respect to 12V MAX*: Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 12 volts. Nominal voltage is 10.8.; With respect to 20V MAX*: Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.

** on average, using DEWALT 20V MAX* 2.0Ah battery with all 3 laser lines in use.