Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion 21-Degree Cordless Framing Nailer-#THDProspective

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   We are pretty new to this nail gun because there was a delay in receiving it from Home Depot. We haven’t had a lot of time with it yet. I can tell you this though.  Dewalt is  well-known for making good quality nail guns in both pneumatic and cordless models. They have been making cordless guns for a couple of decades now since they came out with the 18v XRP guns. They all have a robust serviceable flywheel design which was pioneered by Senco and perfected by Dewalt. 

Heavy Duty or Just Heavy

  This gun has a nice comfortable grip which is important because it is no lightweight. It is heavier than any modern pneumatic framer.   Added weight is part of the price of admission for the convenience of no hose.  It has a great hook that rotates around the handle for a greater range of hanging options. Since you don’t always need full power, DeWalt included a selectable power switch. This will come in handy when you are switching tasks and nail sizes like when switching from framing to sheathing. 

   We have had a good overall experience with DeWalt guns with our finish work. We have high hopes for this one with framing.  This new model is very similar to a gun that has been out for a few years now. The biggest difference is the magazine. It is longer and has a 21 degree angle to accommodate the full round head plastic collated nails. These are the ones I like best. They seem to be more affordable and have greater pull through resistance than the clipped head nails. I have used this type of framing nail for about 25 years in my Hitachi NR83A guns. I have seen no reason  to change and that makes this DeWalt that much more appealing to me.  

how it proves reliable for us 

  We don’t frame as much as we used to by choice but we do a fair amount of smaller framing jobs in our remodeling and fire/water damage rebuilds. I feel cordless nailers are ideal for intermittent use like in remodeling.  I wouldn’t use one exclusively  framing but on these smaller projects or for punch out work they seem to be a good fit.

  Now we will take a break and consider a couple of my pet peeves, I really hate cords and I hate hoses even more. They are a trip hazard. They get hung up all day long. Every time I turn around I am making another loop in the hose to get caught on something. Literally The freedom of having no hose is really worth the trade-off of lower power and slower operation. It has a delay when the flywheel is spinning up compared to pneumatics.

  If you use bump fire mode you can keep the speed up and there is less delay compared to the best pneumatics. I have heard of some having issues with jamming with their guns but quite frankly we are not experiencing it on ours. Perhaps they got early production models or just defective units. All guns will eventually jam.  There are many reasons for getting a jam. We can’t always see what is behind the lumber we are nailing. We could hit a chunk of concrete, steel, a screw or another nail. Maybe the collation strip gets hung up or the magazine gets bent. Sometimes the brand of nail makes a huge difference in performance. I have been using Dewalt , Grip Fast and  Hitachi nails in it. So far they are doing the trick. If that changes I will update. I am not here to give empty praise for any tool company. Each tool stands or falls on its own merit.  

   If you do get a jam, it’s not hard to clear and reset the driver. There is a switch on the front of the main body for resetting it. On my Paslode which I like very much I have to reset the driver with a screwdriver by forcing it back up. It’s not easy and it can result in hurt fingers.

Power in a Good way

  Power is pretty good for most new construction lumber. On old growth wood or harder materials like LVL or timber strand it doesn’t sink the nails consistently at least with 3 1/4” which is stated as the max length.  The Paslode has  more power but you must use gas cartridges in addition to the battery. Gas is an added expense that should be considered.  It also uses clipped head nails or offset round head so it’s not a direct comparison.  If you are on the Dewalt platform it is an advantage to use the same batteries. For some it may be the only one to consider. 

  The ability to change from singe shot to bump fire with a switch is a handy addition. Some of my guns require tools or a finicky process to change them.  The switch on the DeWalt is almost too easy. It’s a great way to balance between productivity and safety. 

Shopping Time, is this the gun for you?

   Is this gun for you? It may very well be. There are a few choices on the market. Some are stronger. Some are lighter. Not one of them is perfect. The DeWalt can definitely get the job done. It saves the hassle of running an air hose and setting up a compressor. Also it uses widely available nails in many regions. Last it uses the same batteries as all 20v max tools. It has selectable power levels as well as bump fire or single shot. 

  If you need a cordless gun for intermittent use like smaller remodeling jobs or punch out work this is definitely worth a look. You really have little to worry about if you want to try one. DeWalt has a generous 90 day satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year warranty against defects.

Get yours at the Home Depot.  

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  1. Alex

    This is aweomse! Always wondered about the cordless, Dewalt is my favorite. Thanks

  2. Layne Kochel

    Layne Kochel from Cedar Hills, UT. I’m going out on my own to build custom homes. I started my first one on my own about 2 months ago. Will be starting framing in a week or so and this would be an awesome win! Please consider me!

  3. Jeff Hoepker

    Good review as always Paul. I would definitely like this one. I have never owned a cordless framing nailer and would like to try something other than Paslode. jeff_t_dadof3 from IG

  4. Young HVAC apprentice, doing a remodel work with my buddy and carpenter work with my brother in law the cordless nail gun would do wonders

  5. Keiran crouch

    I’m an apprentice carpenter and I’m currently building up my tool arsenal. This nail gun would be a great addition to my kit for some of the remodels that we do. I’ve always enjoyed framing and I think I would look forward to it even more if I got to use this dewalt nail gun.

  6. Hezuka a kinimi

    This looks like the right tool for us here in Nagaland, India. Most people here have never seen tools like this. This can change the whole view of work here. I personally think wining this can make me introduce the idea of working easier and that our people can do more.

    Thank you

  7. Dan Wiechman

    This would be very convenient for someone who already has Dewalt 20v system. It’s amazing how far battery tools have come.


  8. Dakota w.

    Starting framing on a KH project soon been looking around for one with the ldc regulation on bump fire being able to switch easy would be awesome. Thanks

  9. Hunter Ward

    Having a cordless framing nail gun would would be extremely useful. I am 19, and I do countless job repairs for farms and home owners. I have many Dewalt products and this would be a great and useful addition to the collection.

  10. Ethan

    My Names Ethan Bender – Hanover Ontario

    After reading your article I found no huge surprises to what I have found in my research I started into woodworking when I was a kid in my dads custom door shop but got into rough carpentry about a year ago and looking to challenge the exams. I have been working hard over the past year to build out a set of tools that I can take my self and one other guy fully equipped to jobs.
    At the end of this month, my parents are breaking ground on building there dream home which will realize a lifelong dream for them. This will be the home they will retire in.
    I am blessed to be a part of this project and look forward to framing in the house in a month.

    When it comes to my tools I believe that buying it once is better so I have invested time into researching the tools I have in the hopes that they will last me many many years to come. One of the places I come tool for reviews is “the tool pig” I had an awesome time meeting “the tool pig” at Atlas machinery earlier this year and have continued to follow all of your posts.

    As for this gun, in all honesty, it was a toss-up between this gun and the Hitachi cordless gun From my research I thought I liked the Hitachi better but it has proven hard to source for a demo as well as I would need to invest into a new battery system. I have DEWALT and most of my tools are Dewalt so it was the logical next choice too look into. I have since demoed the gun and looked into everything I can and decided that this is the tool for me.

    Given the opportunity of winning this gun, I would use it to Frame my parents new home as there is no temporary power set up yet and a cordless gun would be perfect for this.

    I look forward to many more posts from you! Keep up the great work!

  11. Gabriel arellano

    After working as a firefighter for 13 years and working construction with a fellow fireman, I’m finally starting my own contracting business. This great looking tool would be a great step toward a full tool bag.

  12. Brian peters

    I was medically retired from the Army after 3 deployments and am trying to get a small farm going.
    This would stop me from having to drag a compressor out to the field and then move it every time I have to nail further then the hose goes.
    On my disability this gun will never be in my reach with the price tag.

  13. Benjamin S.

    I really enjoy your reviews. I have made several purchases based on them. This would be a great addition for me and my wife. We spend a great deal of time between volunteering Disaster relief and local theocratic projects.
    We also secularly do remodeling and trim carpentry so have been looking into branching out into the cordless nailer game.
    Thanks again for the great reviews

  14. Devon cardullo

    son is building his first shed and this would be a great tool to start the project

  15. Sean

    I need one of these bad. Already have many other dewalt 20v tools.

  16. This nailgun looks awesome! I’ve been in a remodel at my house for a couple months and this gun would be a huge help! Also, this would be a great addition at the shop on project builds!

  17. Keith Gallardo

    I’m doing Renovations, working for an stable company, I do a little bit of everything and sometimes small framing stuff. I trying to get my tools again after a bad situation on a middle of this year. The company who I was working for, They filed for bankruptcy and I did not pay my salaries and that Ruined all my savings and much of my tools, Which I had to Sell to get some money and move on. I’m doing construction work for a couple of years, so, you know how rude is starting over again After investing money and working on your tools to have to get rid of them for less money and then have to buy your stuff again. This tool will be a great addition to my equipment and for what I’m doing. It will allow me to do many more jobs and improve my pay for it.

  18. Ryan Melton

    I’m 23 years old, and I’ve done work as a door builder and a woodworker. There have been a number of issues with our house since a big storm came through, and this tool would help greatly with fixing the damages, as well as allow me to get other in home projects done.

  19. Phillip Lentz

    Commercial and residential framing carpenter in business for myself. I think this tool would make an awesome addition to the tool box. So I thought I’d give it a shot.

  20. Phillip Lentz

    Commercial and residential framing carpenter in business for myself and local contractors. I think this would make an awesome addition to the tool box. So I thought I’d give it a shot.

  21. I am özgür from turkey. I am 20 and I want it for renovate new woodworks. Thanks for giving chance. İnstagram: @ozgursengulll

  22. Ryan

    Getting started on several home renovations along with some workshop projects. This would really speed things up

  23. Kevin

    I’m Kevin I’m from Oregon and and 22 starting my own remodeling business here pretty soon and collecting tools. My Senco gun isn’t working at the moment, so this would be a sweet replacement, thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Alec

    Working in the electrical trades. 21 years old And I’m about to start building my own pole barn house. This would make the process a lot easier!

  25. Anthony (Tomy) Nagy

    Hey, saw your clip on Instagram. This is something I could really use. My wife and I just came back from Puerto Rico, volunteering for 5+ months of disaster relief. Since we’ve gotten back I started picking up some small repair/addition jobs. I don’t have a framing nailer and this would help me tremendously. While my wife needs a little bit of a break, I am getting ready to leave in about 2-1/2 weeks to volunteer my time for the disaster relief work in Florida. This framing nailer would really come in handy since in most locations there is no power. I’ve always been a DEWALT person but all my cordless tools are 18v. Looking to move the 20v DEWALT tools. Thanks for the great, non bias review.

  26. Travis blum

    It would be wonderful to get this gun to replace my out dated paslode framing nailer. I use them for my side work doing small framing of cabins and sheds usually where I have no power and no air compressor

  27. My finished basement flooded and I need to do all new framing. This thing would be pretty useful.

  28. Ben

    So why 21 degree over 30. Around me 30 degree is most common. I like the full round of the 21 but you can carry so much more with the 30. Besides code reasons why would someone choose 21 degree nails? Other than that I have been trying to get my boss to go cordless on our nailguns since they started coming out. I have been using my cordless Brad nailer tag that with a new framer maybe he’ll be convinced!

    • I have used 21° for most of my adult life. I grew up out West and I think they are more popular out there from the Hitachi nr83A

  29. Aaron Foster

    Aaron from Manitoba. I need this because I’m going to be building a garage for my parents and I don’t want to stick them with the bill for a new nailer!

  30. its dave from @tristaterenovations , I need this gun for the safety features 100%!!!
    I was doing an addition with my OLD porter cable with the broken depressor on the tip, and I shot a 3″ framing nail DIRECTLY, into my thumb. locked my thumb in place, missed all major bones and nerves, but lesson learned! never use a broken framing nailer…

  31. Matias Gamen

    Hi! Really good page with nice stuff!
    Please please send me one to ARGENTINA!!
    Cheers bro!

  32. Morgan Eddington

    My name is Morgan. I live in Athens, GA. Currently working as an carpenter/remodelers apprentice and learning the trade. Spent most of my 20s on the wrong career path that wasn’t fulfilling and when I was let go of my last job, I finally took the plunge into carpentry at 31. It was always something I wanted to do since I was in high school but everyone talked me out of it.

    Now I’m 1.5 years into it and couldn’t be happier with my life. I wake every Monday without dredge of going to make my living and it is amazing how it has changed the dynamic of my family. My 3 year old son tells me all the time how he can’t wait to be a ‘builder like daddy’ and begs to come to work with me every morning. Something I wouldn’t wish on him with my previous career choices but now I am happy to see him get into.

    With that being said, I have started out with all corded tools. Cheaper and easier to get me into the trade but I would love to start switching over to more cordless tools. Having a cordless nailer would really help me with being more efficient and getting onto the same level as the lead carpenter we have. Also, I have Dewalt drills, so being on the same battery platform is a plus.

  33. Tyler Sineath

    Man I need this gun bad, huge Dewalt fan. Just getting going with my side work and that tool would help me get alot more work done every day for my customers. When I’m not framing 5,500 square foot beach houses here in North Carolina, either way still love the vids tool pig hope you come back to carolina beach soon sorry I missed ya.

  34. Tristen Johnston

    I would love to win this nailer, as it would speed up the process on my workshop. I’ve been looking at these nailers for a while and winning this would add to my small but growing collection.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  35. Caitlin harvey

    Hey, Im Caitlin, a 22 year old building apprentice from good ol’ New Zealand! The reason I’d love to win this gun is because I’m currently hand nailing which means I’m getting less time on framing, which in turn means my apprenticeship is not progressing as it should. Time is money, huh?

    Cheers guys (and gals) and good luck everyone

  36. Trey

    Love the Instagram page. I’m 23 and frame for a living. Got a small little crew my dad has the skill saw dewalt released and I’m mad jealous of his saw. I can’t offord one. And he only got luncky to find it at a pawn shop. This gun would be used hardly around my family and would love to put it to the test. Dad would get a slightly used Christmas gift this year. Good luck to everyone I’m sure everyone has story behind it.

  37. Andrew Smith

    My name is Andrew and I am 31 and live in Atascadero Ca. I work on mostly remodels and having a cordless nail gun would be perfect. that way i dont have to drag out a compressor and hose just to nail off a couple things. Plus I am already on the dewalt platform so it would work out great! keep up the good work on all the reviews.


  38. Zach Carvalho

    I work electrical in Hawaii and as an electrician, we use mostly use power tools on jobsites, because we are the one who make the power for the rest of the trades, so we usually work with no power until we have it all hooked up, and using extension chords and air hoses from generators and compressors just get in the way of everything. We frame a hand full of small things on the jobsites and also put up our own blocking’s. I think this tool will be great for me because it’s chordless, nice size and weight, not too big and not too heavy, and it uses collated nails which can be found all over the jobsites I work at.

  39. Rick Dhabalt

    Would love to get out of air hosss and compressors. I’m just a dad, retired from law enforcement helping his three children remodel their homes. Dewalt makes excellent tools and would love to add another to the collection.

  40. Andrew L.

    Having this nail gun would be an amazing addition to a new woodworking shop that I am in the process of building up. Just continuing to carry on the things that my father taught me as a child and want to be able to do the things he taught me with my own tools. This would be amazing!


  41. Tracy Seagraves

    Hey Toolpig!
    I’m Tracy from North Carolina!
    Ironic, I just emailed you yesterday about a cordless nailer. Nice to get advice from such a trusted source. Thanks for the quick reply!
    I need this nailer to do smaller projects with tools I can handle! I hate the cords ! My hubby prefers Pneumatic tools, but not getting tangled up in a cord at every step is safer and less aggravating. It’s time for me to have my own tools to use and what better place to start than with a Dewalt!
    Thanks for all you do!

  42. Craig

    Hi I’m Craig from New York. I am a diy and bought my first house and have to rebuild my deck, shed and lots of other projects.

    IG: c85diller

  43. Nathan

    I don’t know about others, but I don’t see Paslode continuing with their cordless gas models with these truly cordless nailers coming out the past year or so. I’ve had a cordless paslode nailer for a long time and it’s a real pain in the gas, literally. You always have to have fresh gas, which leads to a lot of waste with forgotten canisters laying around, running the gun doesn’t smell great, and the gas adds up over time.

    Being able to work without the setup time of a compressor and a hose made getting the paslode worth it to me, but with Metabo HPT, Dewalt, and others having these cordless models I just don’t see people going with gas anymore. I’ve been looking at getting one of the cordless nailers and everyone has said Dewalt’s last model had some shortcomings compared to other manufacturers; the rafter hook being almost unusable. I hope the new Dewalt model fixes all the shortcomings and raises the bar for other manufacturers to compete with. I have a basement to frame, and I hope this new Dewalt nailer will meet the challenge.

  44. Carpenter by blood 4 generation and boy how things have changed in the last 20 years started building with my grandpa when I was about 7 built a cordwood home, talk about a sight to see but here in the NC coast building back after florance you’ve got to have the right tools for the job to insure getting people back into their homes as quickly as possiable sometimes this means doing things out of the kindness of your heart as I was helping a gentleman in his 80’s repair his dock so he could take his grandson out fishing my lovely 10 year old paslode decided it was done so no problem with that grabbed some hand drives and got it all patched up but now being without a nail gun and a good framing addition coming up in a week this give away couldn’t come st a better time and oh how happy I’d be to not buy gas canisters anymore or the expensive 30 degree nails!

  45. Scott

    My wife and I just started a remodel / addition on our house. We could not afford a GC so we are doing a lot of the trades ourselves to save money. This framing gun would help a ton!

  46. shawn redden

    Hey I’m shawn,
    I’m a carpenter bc I was given a weeks guaranteed work and a chance to stay if I was good. Quit my job that night. Went to college but dropped out senior year bc my job was cool. I need this gun. I’m saving for the new van and my toolaholic ways are slowing me down.

  47. Scott

    My wife and I just started a home remodel / addition project! We could not afford a GC so we are doing it ourselves. Any tools would help us greatly!

  48. Matt Wagner
    Me and my wife have our first baby due in February. We are all so building our forever home this spring. We have saved alot of money through the years and I have worked in the construction field for 12 years, we have worked very hard to get to this point in our life. I paid my dues and worked very hard the past 12 years starting out as the grunt and slowly working my way up. We are building a log cabin style home out in thw country and power will be hard to come by at first. It qould be so much easier with this gun and not having to run a compressor and hose. Thank you for doing giveaways like this and good luck to everyone who entered and hopefully someone deserving wins.

  49. Shawn Larsen

    These are some pretty good stories, I’m looking for one to help my son build his skateboard ramps, for him and his friends, that they’re always rebuilding, but it’s not looking good, haha.

  50. I have a small town carpentry company that’s growing. I always need more tools to be spread out on jobs.

  51. Hi my name is Tim Petteruto. i am a heavy equipment mechanic and dont have many DIY Homeowner tools. i am about to build a deck off the master bedroom and will need a framing nail gun. this would be perfect as i have been eyeing the dewalt cordless.

    Tim @kimos626garage

  52. Jordan valentino

    Jordan valentino
    21 years old
    Residential Carpenter
    Currently in school getting my level 2. I’ve been trying to save up for new tools as all I have are my dad and grandpas hand me downs which aren’t all the greatest.. having this nailed would help me get started and take on new projects and give me motivation to continue to accel in this trade. I am young and I am in this for the long haul! Thank you and goodluck to all 👍🏼

  53. My name is Matt I live in the Albany NY region. I’ve been working construction since I was 14. My grandfather was a carpenter and so was my father. I wanted to further my knowledge so I went to College for the field I wanted to be in.

    I’ve worked for a couple different Construction Companies since being out of school. I currently work for a large Construction Outfit as a Project Superintendent. I manage day to day operations with sub contractors and make sure the projects are completed on time and with in budget. But every once in a while (which has be more and more lately) I have to throw my tool belt back on and frame or do finish carpentry. I’ve been slowly adding to my Dewalt collection over the years. Buying one piece at a time.

    I would love nothing more than to add this to my collection due to the main reason of wanting to “cut the cord” on having to drag out my compressor and nail gun and have to worry about a sub contractor tripping or over my hoses.

    I enjoy the field of work that I am in right now, but sometimes I ask myself if it’s what I want to do until I retire. I’ve been trying to take on more and more side work, just to get my wife and I through the winter., and have considered going out on my own to start up my own Company. I’d love to be able to go out and buy this at my local store but I’m sure this beautiful tool comes with an hefty price tag, and being that I have a 2 year old daughter, mortgage, and student loans to pay back my money is pretty much wrapped up in higher priorities. I’ve entered sweepstakes like this before and have never one anything, but I figured it would be worth a shot!

  54. Mitch lockhart

    I have a paslode framer from ‘05. I’ve been eying this nailer for awhile now. Would love to give it a go. Would honestly use it more for ldc projects than everyday jobs.

  55. Conner

    My name is Conner and I am just finishing up my final year of Construction Management. I went into my degree thinking I would like to become a project manager for a big company. I started working for a home builder and absolutely fell in love with everything in the trades. I began taking it serious early on trying to learn everything I could from the older generations. In the following month I plan to get my LLC and take on side jobs. This DeWalt nailer would really put me on the right path to having the right tools to get the job done!

  56. Carlos escobar

    Hey, my name is Carlos and I am a 25 year old apprentice carpenter. I mostly do framing and form work. Im hoping to build up my tool collection, and id love to put this nail gun to the test! Im used to the paslode, so I would love to compare.

  57. Jon

    I’m Jon from WA state and am a machinist by trade but a full blown diy’er. I could use this nail gun because it would be by first nail gun I’ve owned. I just built a 24×24 pole barn with the help of 2 friends who are much better equipped for carpentry and I definitely learned the value of having the right tools and good tools which your instagram posts help out a ton with too!

  58. Charles

    Catch 22. Not making money so can’t buy tools. Don’t have tools so can’t make money.

    So I started off with the bottom of the barrel tools or 2nd hand tools. I still have and use a 10”Pro Tech table saw with a plywood tabletop and homemade fence, but I digress.

    I don’t make enough to buy all the tools I want. But I care enough to know that better tools results in better work. So I’ve slowly been getting better tools.

    I used a Harbor Freight 21 degree nailer for framing up some walls (my only framing nailer). While it works, I deal with all of its shortcomings. Like how it will never shoot the last two nails of each set of nails. Or the constant fear that the guns going to explode from all that air pressure. So of course, replacing that with this Dewalt will make me work so much more efficient.

    It’s your Instagram feed along with other grammer’s that help expose me to new tools and reviews. It helps me select which tools to buy because I need to be very selective. And winning a tool once in a while from giveaways definitely help!

    Anyway, it’ll be awesome to win/have this. I will nearly be able to work without a compressor if I add this to my arsenal. Compressors and hoses are so annoying. Especially in this day of 18v cordless tools that are so capable.

    Thanks toolpig!


  59. Bryce

    Honestly I have a 30 degree cordless for myself but I wanted to talk about my younger brother. He just started in the plumbing trade with me and works at the same company. He has impressed me so much in the 3 months that he has been working with us. He picks up on stuff so fast and wants to understand more. Our boss trusted him so much that he gave him his own truck to run around and do small odds and ends stuff. He just started getting small drills and tools but he could really use this to grow faster!
    Thanks again!

  60. My name is Josh and I am young handyman outside of St. Louis. I’ve had my own company for a couple of years now and have been slowly working towards building a well rounded tool collection with goal of achieving a largely cordless jobsite except for the occasional specialty item. Cordless nailers are bordering on cost prohibitive and this framing gun would a much used and welcome addition to my 20V set. I actually have a large remodel job that was started just last week that this would be perfect for. Always enjoy your posts!! Thanks.

  61. Jarrod Sarens


    My name is Jarrod I am a 25 year old superintendent with a love for framing and general construction. I plan to build a home in the next couple years and this addition to my collection will make a huge difference for me and my build!

    I thoroughly enjoy watching your reviews on tools and it has helped me pick a few out.


  62. John Clenney

    I’m John from the FL Panhandle. Right now, I’m using 2 Bostitch Coil guns from the 90s. Talk about being heavy. We are a small roofing and remodeling company where these cordless guns would be great, as we aren’t framing a house but build walls, trusses or porch joinsts. Would make our days much more productive not hauling out the hoses and stuff.

  63. christopher benson

    Side note: pretty excited about that 20v yellow and black router that’s soon to drop. 🙂

    I’m entering into this as a guy who’s been building residential & commercial blogs for the past 20 years. Along the way I’ve worked with and for a number of great teachers. Some of whom I’ve developed very close bonds. Probably the most influential is my friend Bill. He’s a man who’s “retired” from two 20+ year careers now and fills his time at retirement homes and elsewhere as a handyman— utilizing his engineering and architectural knowledge to build/rebuild ramps and such for the elderly (he’s 77). The man has taught me more about being a quality human than he has any part of the building and design process. These days he swears keeping active is what’s keeping him alive. I’d love to keep him out there as long as his body will allow. We pair up on small ramp and renovation jobs… I’m the muscles and he’s the brains. But the old guys body is starting to break down and along with his knees and back.. his grip is gone. Swinging a hammer (vibration in general) deadens his hands for a day or week and it’s slowing him down. I’m nominating my friend and mentor bill lemon as a worthy recipient of such a tool. He saw mine and I could tell he was intrigued. For a guy that never stops giving to others, i vote bill.

    Thanks for all the reviews! Your page is a must stop before all buys I make at my local building supply store.

    Chris benson in Eugene, OR.

  64. John Gillon

    I’m 31, and from northern VA. I’m a professional fire fighter one day and now entering into the builders world as well. I just took a leap this year and started building my first house. I’ve done majority of the work exclusively by myself. After being attached to an air hose and/or cord with my older tools, I can see why everyone runs off of a battery platform now. I will have final inspection very soon and would love to have a battery powered framer for the next build. I’m pushing to get battery powered saws and nailers on our fire apparatus now too. That would be a game changer for fire fighters everywhere.

  65. Evan Kelley

    Hey my name is Evan and I’m 25 and have been working in the carpentry trade since 19. I’ve recently started buying new cordless desalt system and would love to add this to my tools. It’s also much needed as I’m working with 17 year old hand me down gun and compressor. Awesome review #toolpig

  66. Derek Cahill

    Derek Cahilll, I do work out of the West suburbs of Chicago. I am a lead on my sites and at the age of 26 still learning a lot along the way. 4th generation trades man and about 90% of the tools used on my site are 20+ years old tools from my dads last big run of “new” tools. (Ya know before ridged was orange. Ha!)
    Just started doing side jobs on my own in the last year on weekends and with the hours I’m putting in doing remodels and framing this would fit in perfect to what I’m looking for to be effective and efficient as I continue to learn and grow.

  67. Jacob Leslie

    Hi, my name is Jacob Leslie. I a 5th generation carpenter. We specialize in remodels and home repair. I believe this tool is essential for efficiency compared to dragging a hose and compressor out at every job. I own one of the original dewalt 20v framers and it has built about 3 houses and several remods. I’ve had it rebuilt once already. I would love to get a side by side comparison. Hope you pick me but either way I’m sure it will be a great addition for someone’s collection. Keep up the good work.

  68. Kenneth L

    I’m a self taught carpenter looking to expand my work and skills in the field and this would be a great tool To push myself to frame more

  69. Ken Warywoda

    Hopefully this is the real toolpig and not someone imitating him? Lol kidding. But glad you got control back of your site because I know I enjoy it and find it very informative for all the tools out there that I’m curious about but don’t have the money to buy tools without proper vetting of tools. Most of the stuff you review I don’t have a chance to use beforehand but this one is different.

    We had one of these on site for a while (I’m a journeyman commercial union carpenter in Pittsburgh) and this thing is awesome. We only had it for a couple weeks but this would make work so much easier. It’s quieter than running a compressor and of course no hoses all over the place. It’s fire rate kept up to speed with whatever task I needed it to. It’s not overly bulky and fairly comfortable to grip and use. Just a great tool all in all

    Hopefully you keep control of the site and keep putting out great product. Same goes for dewalt of course.

  70. Francisco

    This would be a great addition to my tools currently working with my father and learning from him , I am now starting to start buying my own tools to start doing my own jobs and help my pops out more

  71. Keith Sheehan

    Hey Paul! Great review man.
    I’m Keith Sheehan, and I’m currently working as a gc apprentice and studying to get my license at the beginning of 2019. Some jobs require a lot of framing and some just require some blocking or packing out openings and this gun would be an awesome addition to bring to my job site. Would love to not have to worry about finding an outlet, carrying a compressor and dragging around an air hose. Congrats to the winner of this tool! I gotta get one in my hands!

    IG: @keithsheehan

  72. Kyle bishop

    Hey my name is Kyle bishop I’ve been framing now for just over a year and have fallen in love we now only have corded guns and saws but if this de Walt cordless was here now for these jobs it would help the job go by much more smoothly

  73. Jonathan Rivera

    I have used this framing nailer before and I loved it! It did have some occasional misfires and did not sink every single nail but hopefully they addressed those issues. I am a home Remodeler from California and I currently dont a framing nailer.

  74. We need this because my guys are old and can’t hear anymore. Heavy gun and loud compressors are killing them softly (or loudly). Thanks guys, love your insta.

  75. Bo Horne

    Seriously, all my guys are getting old. They’re lugging around a heavy ass framing gun hooked up to a loud compressor. Help please, my guys are dying over here. Thank you in advance. BTW, I love your insta.

  76. Parker Murphy

    Hi my name is Paker Murphy and I am 22 years old. I am attending trade school to become a carpenter and I have fallen in love with framing. I have started to buy some tool as a table saw and a miter saw. I have been using a hammer to drive all my nails in and this tool would be a great addition to my dewalt collection (the 2 tools I own haha) but it would also increase my production rate! Thank y’all so much for giving tool reviews it makes it easy for guys like me to go to a page you trust and then go out and buy a tool and get to work!!

  77. Sean Anderson

    I’m very fortunate to be in the cordless tool era. I have an old paslode but it acts up and probably needs cleaned. I want this nailer because I want to get into building decks and don’t want to lug around an air compressor and have a hose getting in the way. DeWalt has always made quality tools and I would expect nothing less from this gun.

  78. Danial

    This would be a great addition. Have been looking for a cordless framing nailer to finish out basement in Denver co. It’s between the Paslode and dewalt right now. Never used the dewalt but keep seeing good thing about this

  79. Alfredo Cisneros

    Trying to start my own company and tools tend to be very expensive. The description to this nailer sounds amazing could be a handy tool.

  80. Nick Tanner

    I am an apprentice Carpenter and I am very thankful that I live in the cordless tool era! I do a few small deck jobs on the side and I just have a car, so space in general is very limited when transporting tools to a job site hahaha. I have been debating for quite some time about getting a cordless framing nailer, but can’t justify the expense because I do have tools to do the job ( old tools from my father) but not having to drag a compressor, cords and hoses along with me would be a dream. Love your account on Instagram. Very informative and fun to watch. Cheers.


    Hello Toolpigs,
    Glad the site is back up, I’m a JW from Nebraska and loved the attitude and comments I saw from you guys about the hack. I could really use a good framing nailer. I have 21 degree pneumatic framing nailer I got from Ebay a few years ago, can’t even see the brand, was desperate, couldn’t spend a whole lot on one at the time. Now whenever I put nails in it, it shoots out nails if I have it plugged in compressor, very dangerous, dont always remember to unplug before refilling the nails. Currently trying to work on redoing my chimney chase and framing out my garage to turn it into a shop, just trying to get into woodworking. That Dewalt looks awesome. would never spend that much on a new one for myself, cant justify with the wife. Looks like it has a comfortable grip. Don’t have any Dewalt tools as of yet.

  82. Mario

    hi im from croatia i have 24 years old my instagram name is:toolsmonster.I loved to have your dewalt cordless framing nailer because i love tools and love doing some things from wood and i love dewalt but here in croatia dewalt is too much expensive,and i dont can afford it!
    These days doing some recostruction on my house (2-nd floor) for me and my girlfriend from drywall,painting,some electrical changes and more i can send you a picture if you want.And i need to change one side of my roof because if it rains water goes in house,id loved to have your dewalt for that then i dont need to use a hammer.I will use your dewalt nailer for everything where i need nailer it will be much easier for me.Thank you for reading this and sorry for my bad english!

  83. Paxton

    I’m a young farmer/ carpenter just building my tool collection. I love showing the older guys how great battery tools can be! This would be a huge step in the right direction. Thanks for your time!

  84. Kevin McCurdy

    Having that sure would help during my entire house remodel and the new shed build. Plus its already on the same battery platform as my other tools!

  85. Hey Tool pig. My insta account is @iamthrill. I just want to say that i am a habitat for humanity lead carpenter framing homes. We struggle getting tools to our site as the ‘big guys’ donate the home owners version of there cordless line up. I am trying to convince the up anoves that a cordless site is not only more efficient but way more safe. The framer nailer you posted from dewalt would be a great step in that direction as were about to install trusses and hoses everywhere would be tough! Thanks for thinking of me… Mark

    • Love it. I’ve worked on some habitat for humanity homes. I volunteer as often as I can afford to. My next disaster relief trip will be N Carolina or Florida.

      • Its been a huge eye opener to me how many people volunteer just to help. Its been a refreshing change not focusing on the bottom line but getting roofs on to help the less fortunate.

  86. Demetrio Moreno

    Hi my name is Demetrio. Not sure if this is the article I need to be on for the giveaway of the 21° framing gun but here I am. I work on Insurance claims for usaa . Anything to do with water and fire loss. Most of the time theres no power on the houses do to damage it has. I recently was robbed of about 80 % of my dewalt cordless tools. Just in an instant. Just like that my thought system boxes were gone.. went thru the whole process and emotions but I understand that there is nasty ppl in this world that do not care. Anywho I do a lot of framing work especially on the fire damage houses we also replace a lot of the studs on a water loss home because once you open up the sheetrock it opens a big can of worm of old damage. And even when they tell me on the regular basis not to replace what’s not covered by the Insurance we still do. I would not want to leave a property like that. Plus they are our veterans. It the least we can do. I would love to win this giveaway.

    • Wow nice work ethic bro! We do the same kind of work and don’t leave anything behind that could harm the homeowner.

  87. Nick stoskopf

    This would be perfect for on my jobsites. Saves time from hand banging nails into concrete forms all day

  88. Micheal Bridgman

    I really could use this on the farm… I am constantly struggling to keep my old pasload going…. prettt sure it completely bit the dust the other day… sent it off to get fixed and they said there wasn’t an economical way to fix it. Working alone where there is no air or electricity nearby my pasload has been a lifesaver for over 10 years… I run all Milwaukee cordless stuff so I don’t have the extra batteries and charger to buy the tool only which places this thing out of my budget…

  89. Ryan Jacob

    I’m just a DIY guy but I could use this to build my new shed and shop! Haven’t bought one yet because of the price tag.

  90. Ramiro Pardo

    I would love this tool since is one of the best which will help me to do high quality jobs to bring glory to God

  91. Brandon Henriques

    Need this for when I’m in the middle of the lava framing concert forms or small pump station and don’t have access to power!

  92. Levon

    I love my paslode framer but wish it used regular stick nails like this dewalt. It would be great to not need to carry around multiple kinds of nails.

  93. Joe

    I’m a DIYer on a budget. I have several projects lined up I could use it on. I always have to borrow a framing nailer and compressor from a buddy.

  94. Colby

    I love the brushless platform of dewalt , I’m heavily invested . But I have a broken hitachi pneumatic gun a hose and compressor having a cordless framing nailer would be great . Less tools to haul in my vehicle , no tripping hazards and use it in situations with out power !!

  95. Ken Warywoda

    Hopefully this is the real toolpig? Lol kidding but glad you got back control of your site because it’s very informative to us buying tools without being able to touch them. But with this dewalt cordless framing gun I’ve actually had the pleasure of testing one out on site, (I’m a commercial union carpenter from Pittsburgh) and this thing was awesome. It’s not loud, it didn’t require me to drag a hose around and it’s firing mechanism kept up with every task I tried with it. Just an awesome tool through and through. Hope dewalt and you keep up the great products you’re putting out there for us.

    Ig – steelcitylegend

  96. Lee Walters

    I really been interested in getting a battery operated framing nail gun. Right now I run a pneumatic . Sure would be nice to have a totally cordless and airless nail gun especially for when I’m called to do framing for LDC project. Would also be great for hopefully when I head over to the Panhandle to do disaster relief for hurricane Michael.

  97. Ken Warywoda

    Hopefully this is the real toolpig? Lol kidding but glad you got back control of your site because it’s very informative to us buying tools without being able to touch them. But with this dewalt cordless framing gun I’ve actually had the pleasure of testing one out on site, (I’m a commercial union carpenter from Pittsburgh) and this thing was awesome. It’s not loud, it didn’t require me to drag a hose around and it’s firing mechanism kept up with every task I tried with it. Just an awesome tool through and through.

    Ig – steelcitylegend

  98. Caleb Hopke

    Nice review. I’m from Columbia, Mo. This would be a great gun to have. Would like it for building fence, decks, and light framing! @calebhopke on Instagram

  99. Derek

    Would love to add this gun to my arsenal. Recently started upgrading my diy selection of tools to Dewalts professional grade tools last year and I’m in the market for a new framer. Think this would be a great fit for the smaller projects I tackle! Thanks for the in depth review Toolpig!

  100. Raul Lopez

    I definitely need this! Love the article

  101. Jason lyons

    Would love to have one of these to help make production a little faster in NC building back after the storm my old long batter gas paslode has its moments framed out a 16×20 area think it drove about 5 nails. Having the ability for bump fire would just be gold!

  102. Dan

    Hey Toolpig!

    I’m Dan, just starting off my remodeling company. Branching off working for a big company. Looking to get into a platform and I’m swaying toward dewalt.

  103. Jason S

    My go to cordless platform dewalt use them for everything. The new gun looks great as well.

  104. Zach

    I’m Zach Miller from ashe county NC. This nail gun would be very useful and a money maker for my type of work. We do a lot of decks and remodeling work. Where we don’t need a big air compressor and airhoses drug out every day. I love their 18g nailer ,but you can’t do any framing work with them. Lol. And 400 dollars is a big chunk of change to throw down on one tool. The wife thinks so any way. To me it’s going to be making me money by getting contracted jobs done quicker. Thanks @toolpig for all the giving back you do for the community and your fans. A lot of people would probably just get the tools and sell them on eBay or their local news paper. Keep doing you brother

  105. Ian Z

    I could use it to help the friends when i do disaster relief work in Florida! Love not having to have a compressor hooked up for the nail gun.

  106. Ian Z

    I could use it to help the friends when i do dusaster relief work in Florida! Love not having to have a compressor hooked up for the nail gun.

  107. Nathan waters

    My fiancé and I are building our first home in the middle of the woods without any power yet. We would absolutely love to use this to help frame it up alongside the compressor nailer. Already on the dewalt 20v system so it would fit right in! 🙏👍

  108. Pete M

    Great Outlook! Dealt is an industry leader. Great to have a modernized cordless option for the smaller jobs

  109. Josiah Lyle

    I need this framing nailer in my life for several reasons. One: I need it because I’m tired of dragging a hundred foot air hose to the peak while setting trusses. Two: I am in love with the dewalt brand. Slowly but surely I am trying to build up my collection of dewalt power tools. And three: I’ve been working in construction for almost a decade now and need every advantage I can get to maximize efficiency and reliability. I’m a big fan of your work over on Instagram! Keep up the good work!

  110. Eric L Faga

    I’ve used paslode for years but want to try something else that doesn’t use gas. Like you mentioned it’s an added expense.

  111. Garrett Kayonnie

    I would love to have this as a framing nailer and to be my first framing nailer. I am 3 months away from getting my certificates. I’m currently a student in the Building Trades Carpentry program at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico. Taking the courses has taught me a lot about residential construction and building to codes. The DeWalt framing nailer would be an excellent first nailer to have.

  112. Richard

    This tool would be great for me to have as trying to move forward in this industry it is had to afford some of the newer tools that make work quicker and more efficient.

  113. Jim McCaffrey

    Hey bud,

    Love your IG page, very informative! Would love to have this gun. Getting ready for a bunch of remodel work and trying to build my tool collection, this would be a great addition.

    Jim @salt_sea_sky

  114. Francisco Rodriguez

    I like Dewalt, I’m not on their cordless platform but I do like their pneumatic nailers. I have a 18g nailer that I used to put the crown molding and baseboards on our house. My old porter cable gun broke and so I had to replace it and got this dewalt. I’d love to get this cordless nailer to finish a fence project.

  115. Vinnie

    My brother and I have been working on some Pallet Wood Furniture and have some ideas for some future specialized American Made, America Pride work. This gun would truly help us out. Some work will be donated to various American Legions that our family members are a part of. Price in market is steep at the moment and a chance to own one would be phenomenal. Love your page on Instagram and hope to be considered.

  116. Conner Lubben

    I’m 21 and currently finishing up my last year of my Construction Management degree. I work for a home builder but here in the next month I plan to get my LLC and take on my own jobs which means I will be in the process of buying more tools. This DeWalt gun is something I’ve really been interested in but could never afford.

  117. I recently transitioned from a desk job to construction. I learned to love the trades after finishing my own basement earlier this year. I’m working to build my tool collection and have already started with the Dewalt platform and I love them. This framing nailer would really open up a lot of doors for me and save my costs significantly so I don’t have to rent a nailer on jobs. Thank you for the contest!

  118. Jeff McNulty

    Name is Jeff aka @stewcob on insta. Just bought our first house and gonna be doing all kinds of remodeling especially a buld our of a much needed man cave.
    Love the reliability the tool offers.
    Had to leave all my tools behind to keep the move cheep. Sending things from Hawaii on a boat to the states is expensive.
    Would love the opportunity to get me one of these bad boys to help my new house become a home.

    Thanks tool pig

  119. I’m working on transitioning from a desk job to a contractor role. I already have started my collection of tools on the Dewalt platform and a framing nailer would seriously help out my cause. I recently finished my basement and absolutely love learning and honing my skills. I’d appreciate the help to get my career off to a great start!

  120. Jimmy flores

    I’d really love this been wanting a battery powered framing gun for a while but there so expensive, this one looks amazing. @themagnificentjimmyf

  121. Ryanhuntley3443

    I’ve had my eye on 20v nailer for awhile just haven’t been able to justify the cost yet

  122. Daniel R

    Nice review 👍 would love to have this to avoid having to log around a compressor. Dewalt is awesome 👏

  123. My name is Tim i am a DIY guy around the house. mechanic by trade, diffrent set of tools… i am about to build a deck/patio for a friend and this would come in handy.
    los angeles

  124. Daniel

    Great Review! This would be awesome so I don’t have to log around a compressor. Love Dewalt 😍


  125. Tim petteruto

    Love the black and yellow. My name is Tim, i am getting the materials together to build a deck beginning of next month and have been contemplating pneumatic or cordless framing guns.
    Thanks for the opportunity

    Los Angeles

  126. Luis Flores

    I would really like to win this gun dont have a big budget I’m from the middle of nowhere ks and we make shitty ugly Homes pretty 😊

  127. Jesse Pentagulio

    I would absolutely love to try this nailer and a complete diehard dewalt guy. I am a GC and do a ton of different type of work and caring around compressor and hose can be a pain a lot of the times so and I have been dying to get some cordless nailers to speed up production. This would be a great start to going cordles for nails and would love to give it a try.

  128. Tim Petteruto

    Would love a cordless framing nail gun.

    My name is Tim I am a heavy equipment mechanic so I love tools and working with my hands. I have been slowly building a DIY homeowners tool set but haven’t got a framing nail gun yet. I am about to build a deck for a friend and have been contemplating a cordless nail gun or pneumatic.

    Thanks for the article and chance to win one.
    So cal

  129. Hey there! Being a carpenter in Russia is tough already, not even to say when winter comes and it gets waaaay below zero (-30C). At such time the workers get a lot of troubles starting from frozen hose and oil. This gun would be a rescue for us!

  130. I have used this nailer before and was pleased at how it performed except it would misfire a couple times and it was having problems sinking every nail…but still held up and helped out ..mostly used for remodeling houses and decks. I am from California and could use this framing nailer because I dont have one , I’m hoping that they fixed the miscues.

  131. Curtis

    WinniPIG Manitoba. Need a new gun to build my dad a garage in the spring. @manitobacarpenter

  132. Josh

    I’m a carpenter hanging doors most of the time. Working in older homes to update them can be a challenge. Most of the time it requires some light framing to re square openings. I would be grateful to use a cordless nailer to do my light framing work, sure beats that ear splitting porter cable pancake compressor! Thanks for the write up!

  133. Elliott Robbins

    Looks like a nice gun, I’d like to go cordless/gasless to replace my aged original style pasalode that has seen better days…


  134. Matt Lester

    I’m trying to start my own Construction Company. It’s always been a dream of mine. Everything I buy is Dewalt when it comes to the cordless tools. I have been trying to build my up my own fleet of Dewalt 20v tools piece by piece. I think this would be an awesome addition and allow me to “cut the cord” on my compressor, I would definitely go out and buy this from Home Depot but with a 2 year old daughter, a mortgage, and student loans $400.00 isn’t easy to come by easily.

  135. Clayton Carley

    Sure could use one of these! Be nice to get rid of the hose especially for smaller projects! Love to use on a LDC project.

  136. Carlos valdez

    Wow looks like a great tool !

  137. Robert kempner

    Would love to win this and give a try. Trying to remodel this 1860 farm house we were swindled into buying. Would help out a lot. And from Pa. Thanks for the chance and ig is “evul_eyez77

  138. Paul Fraser

    Adding a cordless framing gun to the arsenal has been in the back of my mind for awhile now. Dewalt has been a proven innovator in the cordless world and I’d love to be able to start on their platform with this gun

    Instagrame name @pauldfrizzy

  139. Quinn

    I have the earlier versions which worked okay for awhile then the bump mode stopped working. The idea is great so hopefully getting my hands on this version to see the upgrade.

  140. Zach Miller

    I’d really like to try this gun. But the almost 400 dollar price tag scares me off and then getting mixed reviews makes it even harder. But with home depots return policy I could take it back in 90 days. This is such awesome Tec. And makes me excited!

  141. Dwayne

    I tried the earlier version of this tool and was not impressed. Jammed repeatedly.
    I’ll have to give the new version a try.

    One correction to your article though, the plastic strip nails, as pictured in your article are actually 20-22 degree, not 28 degree.

    • yep I saw last night before it was published. I got distracted and forgot to update. thanks.

    • Joe Llewellyn

      I would be so lucky to win this gun, I am 23 from a place called Darwen in England, how convenient it would be to have this to put towards my small but efficient tool collection. It would help me out so much on my remodelling. Seen as I’m not a experienced builder by any means it would help speed up my jobs.
      P.s I’m jealous of how many tools you have and I’m even more jealous your mrs gets involved with your page. My girlfriend doesn’t even want to know.

      Thanks for your ever consistent tool advice

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