Bosch 40’ Green Cross Line Laser

I had to chuckle when I first saw this new green cross line laser.  I thought, ”It looks like a laser level only smaller.”

  Then I thought about how nice it was going to be since it would be able to go where no other cross line laser would. 

  We have relied on laser levels on our jobs for over 20 years. Originally that meant a large expensive Hilti rotating laser on a big tripod. It was  used extensively inside and out for grading, footings and concrete forms, framing, siding and more until the last cabinets and moldings were installed. 

  Thankfully prices have gotten lower and lower and the units have gotten more compact. I now skip the rotating lasers most of the time as most of my jobs are interior remodels and insurance restoration jobs. I much prefer fixed beam lasers inside. They are much more compact. They have a continuous line which offers superior visibility in all conditions and situations. 


 This Bosch GLL is the most compact, inexpensive green cross line laser I have ever used. It ships with AA batteries, a protective case and a base/clamp for mounting to a stud, pipe or anything else that will fit in its jaws. It has taps on the bottom for tripod mounting as well if you prefer. 

   Like any crossline laser level, It features both horizontal and vertical beams.  You can operate one or the other or both depending on the task at hand. Pro tip: use only the line you need to maximize battery life. 

Laser for Every Trade

   Every man and woman in the trades needs one. If you are remodeling your home you will find that this saves you time on a wide array of tasks.  

 My electrician likes it on electrical runs to get receptacle box layout straight and conduit and EMT level and plumb. 

  My Hvac technician has really enjoyed using the Bosch green cross line laser to get his trunklines perfectly level and in a straight line. 

  I have used it on some cabinet installs  and it has worked flawlessly. I have checked very closely and It has equaled the accuracy of larger, more expensive lasers in kitchens up to 25’ Long. On larger ones I expect similar results. 

   I have also used its little brother the Bosch GLL2 Red Cross line laser to set showers and bathtubs and for tile layout on walls. It has never given me a false level or plumb reading. 

Good for the Price

   I need to mention that it is not quite as bright as the larger green lasers that I own. If you need a brighter laser than this be prepared to pay significantly more. The 129.00 price point is one of the lowest I have seen for a green cross line laser level from any brand. The fact that it is a top company like Bosch makes it that much more desirable.

    I never expected this compact laser to be this good.  It really is nice to be wrong sometimes. I definitely recommend it if you don’t have a green cross line laser level and 600.00 is just out of the budget right now. If you already own one I recommend this  as a backup for when your apprentice drops your expensive one on the concrete. Better yet let this one take the beating where it can and save the expensive one for when you can realize the benefits more. 

Check it out 





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