7‑1/4″ 24T Carbide‑Tipped Max Efficiency Circular Saw Blade

Makita drops a new top dog framing blade

One of the big surprises we have had this year is the release of the Makita 7 1/4” Max efficiency carbide tipped framing blade.  At first glance it looks almost identical to the earlier 24 tooth ultra coated framing blade but when looking closer you begin to notice the differences.

First thing you will notice is it is lighter due to the thinner design at 0.057” thick making it one of the thinnest blades ever.  The differences don’t stop there. The actual carbide teeth are tapered for less friction in the cut.  The shoulder of the tooth is narrower than the cutting edge thereby reducing contact with the material being cut.   

We have used them both in the shop and on the job and been nothing but impressed time after time.  We had initial fears that this blade may not be durable since it’s so thin so we ran some extreme tests.  

To determine just how efficient this blade is over existing blades we set up a continuous rip test with the XSR01Z which is the X2 36v rear handle saw.   We got some culled lumber from Home Depot that no one would want to use for building because it was warped and cracked.  It ended up being 2×12 Douglas fir.  With the new max efficiency blade we were able to get over 300 feet of lineal 2x rips on one charge of 2-5.0 batteries.

See the video

This was over twice as many lineal feet of ripping as compared to the most popular framing blade on the market.   The Diablo tracking point amped blade which is known for being efficient and durable even with nails and screw embedded wood.  The results were so shocking to me I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I re-ran the test to make sure the results were accurate.

See the video here

Many have been concerned about blade wander in long heavy cuts because of the extra thin kerf.  I have found no such wandering even though I made cut after cut with no rest between other than the time it took to walk from one end to the other.  The blade was warm but never warped.

For a second test I cut 10 framing nails to see how it would affect the blade and then re-ran the test.  The results were just as astounding at the first test.  I was able to rip 265′ in the same Douglas fir on one battery charge.

After cutting nails video

For a third and final test I wanted to see how many framing nails it could cut embedded in framing lumber before becoming too dull to cut.  I feel this is important since I have experienced many blades becoming harder to cut with after hitting as little as one nail.  We were astonished to see the blade pass through 190 framing nails!  I think it would have cut many more if I had let the blade cool. It went through about 180 before the blade started to warp and wobble.  I kept pushing hard anyway and all the teeth sheared off at once.

With an asking price of about $10 at Acme Tools I will definitely be using this blade for years to come.  Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Specs according to Makita
  • Up to 70% faster cutting compared to standard blades
  • Ultra-Thin 0.057″ kerf reduces the load put on the tool
  • High grade Tungsten carbide tips for durability
  • Special ATAFR (Alternate Top Alternate Face w/ Raker) carbide tips provide smoother and faster cuts
  • Blade coating provides reduced pitch build-up for smoother cuts
  • Specially engineered teeth assist to reduce the load put on the tool while cutting
  • Reduced swing width allow for smoother material removal with less cutting resistance
  • Top bevel angle designed with a sharp 23° tip which provides a smoother cut
  • Slimmer tip bottoms provide lower cutting resistance.

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  1. Dana Kinnaird

    Good article! Impressive blades

  2. Dana Kinnaird

    Good article! Impressive blades

  3. Dana Kinnaird

    Good article! Need to try some.

  4. Chris

    Would like to see for myself how straight this blade tracks being so thin. Haven’t heard anything bad yet.
    Would love to see future 6 1/2 version

  5. Tola

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  6. Very impressed. awesome video and review!

  7. Forgot to say the whole trade and location part. I’m a carpenter out of Middlefield, Ohio. And again I would love to use these blades in the field and would love to have that saw

  8. Absolutely love makita tools and that’s all my shop uses for cordless power tools. I would love to try these new blades in the field myself after seeing your tests ran on them. I enjoy testing out the newest framing blades to see how much better quality they are from what’s already out. I would love to win either of these!

  9. Cody Armfelt

    Absolutely love Makita tools and that’s all the guys use in our shop for cordless power tools. I would love to try this saw out in the field especially after seeing/reading about the tests you ran. That new blade seems to be quite the workhorse so I wouldn’t mind having some on hand either. I enjoy trying out new framing blades to see how much better the quality is compared to what’s already out there.

  10. matt grahn

    those are sweet!I will definitely have to try them out!

  11. Andy Moraga

    I’ve had makita tools almost exclusively since my first 9.6 with a key type chuck. The 18v lithium platform is another huge step forward, I need a full power saw for solid lumber! Thin kerf blades are amazing

  12. Chenda Nuon

    Looks awesome. Ripping through nails is a bonus for me, HA!

  13. Garry Padilla

    Very very impressive, wish we had more tools and tool accessories here in Hilo, Hawaii. I’m always looking for better blades and only blade that is great here is Diablo. I love tools and always try to get tools to make my life easier and more efficient for work, but living on the island gives limited supplies.

  14. Scott McKenzie

    Forever a Makita fanboy. Very impressed with the speed of the new max efficiency blade

  15. Jennifer Hagen

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  19. chris bryant

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  20. Dane Perkins

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  32. These blades are hurt some sales for other manufactures I’ve been running the dewalt blades on my 7 1/4 20v seems the factory are the only ones I can get the best battery life out of,for sure going to have to give these a try over the next bit working in topsail building back after Florence

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  43. Don’t have an Acme near me but I’m hoping to find some online or be one of the 3 winners! Was really impressed with the performance against the Diablo in the worm drive since that’s what I’ve been running for years! It’s going to be like my 5ah’s are 7ah’s now!

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  80. Win or lose on October 20th in Sacramento I will definitely be getting my paws on this saw and blade. With that said, when a blade can outlast the competition to these extremities, you really have to look no further. Makita has and always will be my go to for cordless technology and innovation. I bought my first impact in 93 . A 9.6 v stud that carried me into the early 2000’s before it was stolen. Thank you toolpig for the repeated proof that Makita is and always will be a top competitor in the battery market.

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    IG. Steelcitylegend

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    I’m going to preorder some of these and put em to the test myself. Very impressive!

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    Thanks for doing these contests and producing these informative articles! Hopefully I win the Makita x2 or at least one of these rippin’ blades!!

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    Makita was my first brand starting into construction 12 years ago, amazing to see how much they’ve advanced! I still have my original 12 volt drill set

    • Tj

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    Very impressive demonstration .
    Keep up the good work, I come to your site and Instagram regularly to get your 2 cents before I make any tool decisions.

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  143. Darryl Neff

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  152. Aubrey Seymour

    I was in the market for a new cordless saw and was about to pull the trigger on a dewalt until I watched your video. Pretty sure I’m sold on the makita. Used a corded makita on all my job sites for years, they are the lightest and have lasted the longest by far.

  153. Can’t wait to use the Makita blades. I’ve only been buying the diablo blades for years, but your IG posts and thorough review of the product has me convinced. My local stores are’t carrying them yet, but I hope they do soon. Thanks for the review. I recommend your IG and write ups to everyone.

  154. Jeremy

    all my cordless tools are makita!
    i use them everyday to build new houses or restore old ones. i can’t wait to slap on a fresh blue blade! and if i win the saw its going to have a great life! and if i win those awesome blades they will see plenty of action!

  155. Jeremy

    i’ve been happy with all my new makita tools and still using some old ones. i use my tools every day to build houses and restore old ones plus i do some hobby furniture projects. if you can cut nails and not trash a blade immediately i’m sold. i reuse old growth framing lumber and it has busted off lathing nails embedded. i would be so grateful to win the saw and blades or the blades!
    thank you!

  156. Spencer Toovey

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  157. Kevin Hartwig

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  160. Stephen Bowie

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  161. Matt Moore Designs

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  162. Colin Weeks

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  167. Thanks for making the video and review for the Makita saw and new Makita saw blade. I couldn’t believe how fast this saw cuts and the blade I will definitely use on my Ryobi saw that I have now I like the fact that if you happen to hit a nail or screw by accident, you don’t have to scrap it right away. Now I know I want to upgrade to Makita products. I hope Acme tools runs a great deal on this saw soon.

    IG: @howiemac_tigerwoodwrks

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