With one of the deepest lines I have ever seen for outdoor Power Equipment Makita is one of the first companies I think of when it comes to cordless OPE for contractors and property owners alike.

  My first Makita trimmer was a small 18v single line trimmer I bought so the kids could help with trimming our rather large yard. I bought it from Acme Tools  and it actually did pretty well.  The kids are now bigger and I have since upgraded to x2 36 v.  My Fathers gas Stihl was giving him trouble and repairs were 1/2 the cost of a new one. Consequently he asked me which one to buy. I said  try this and tell me what you think.  

  I wondered what he would say since he was used to a larger gas trimmer. He used it and told me he loved it.  He was very impressed by what such a small lightweight trimmer could do on his 2 acre lot. I said its yours. Enjoy it. 

  The trimmer I got to upgrade was the x2 36v brushless   XRU09PT1   Trimmer Kit. ( 359.00 with 4 batteries and 10% off =323.10) This thing knocked my socks off.  It was quiet and powerful I decided to sell my gas powered Stihl straight shaft trimmer. A few years ago I would have never dreamed this would happen.  We have about 1.5 acres and lots of things to trim around. I can trim for about an hour with a charge with 5.0 batteries.

 I have been through a Craftsman, Shindawa, Ryobi, a Stihl curved shaft and a couple of straight shaft trimmers over the years. The Shindawa and Stihl trimmers performed well for me but I didn’t always run all the fuel out at the end of the mowing season. Sometimes I would and other times I would forget. Every few years I would end up paying a shop about 90.00 – 100.00 to get the lovely varnish out of the carbs and or add a carb kit.

  With cordless Makita OPE I can use it hard, get my work done and completely forget about it until I need to use it again. It doesn’t matter if its a week or a year. That means a lot to me. I am very busy with a remodeling and construction business, helping My wife with her business and building up Toolpig and as a third business. 

  I don’t want to have to think about draining gas out or if I ran a motor dry the last time I used it. I also don’t want to buy and haul gas and then think about mixing 2 stroke oil. 

   At this point I feel the only people who need gas powered OPE are professional landscapers and mowers who do nothing but take care of other peoples lawns for them. Even these business owners are seeing the benefits of cordless as it gives them an edge in places with noise ordinances or homeowner associations. 

  There is no doubt cordless OPE is getting better and better. Lithium ion batteries and brushless motors mean more power and longer runtimes. They also mean less weight to manage. There is no harmful exhaust to breath and no ear damaging noise. You can trim early in the morning or late in the evening without disturbing your neighbors. 

More Than Just Trimmers

XUX01M5PT       Couple Shaft Trimmer Kit (419.00 plus 10% off = 377.10)

This is such a useful system with more attachments than I have seen from any other manufacturer. 

It has great flexibility and usefulness. You can choose cordless X2 36v power or MM4 four stroke gas power. 

With the starter kit you. Get a 36v powerhead with the string trimmer attachment.  It has even more power than the regular dedicated 36v trimmer I talked about earlier. 

In addition you can add these attachments:

    • Pole chainsaw 
    • Extension pole for longer reach
    • Long handle hedgeTrimmer     
    • Articulating head hedge trimmer
    • Brush cutter with optional steel blades
    • Curved shaft trimmer
    • Edger
    • Garden cultivator.   (MINI TILLER)
    • XBU02PT1         Brushless X2 blower (329.00 with 4 batteries plus 10% off)

This is one of my favorite blowers gas or cordless. 

It is very powerful and makes less noise than many blowers. 

It offers 473CFM at 120 MPH

It feels more powerful than the numbers would suggest. It develops really good pressure with its smaller nozzle and can easily outperform most cordless blowers on the market. It even outperforms the EGO 575 CFM blower in heavy snow and leaves. 

XML03PT1         X2 brushless mower (new metal deck)  (549.00 with 4 batteries plus 10% off= 494.10)

This thing really surprised me.  With 2 6.0 batteries it mowed about 3,400 square feet of 6”tall grass. That is in line with  Makita’s published claim.  I cut it down to 3”. It did very well with bagging and mulching.  Just for fun I wanted to see what it could do in tall thick grass so I mowed some of my neighbors 16″ grass and weeds with it.  I was absolutely amazed at how well it did. It totally smoked my gas mower with its superior brushless motor and lithium ion batteries. It mowed over 1000 square feet of that nasty stuff on one charge with 5.0 batteries. check my instagram or facebook feed for the videos. You can choose full power or energy saving mode which will run the motor at a lower quieter speed until you need full power. Being able to talk to my kids without yelling while mowing was priceless. 


XHU08Z                18v brushless hedge trimmer

I still don’t know how they made this thing so smooth. I am so used to the rough clackety clack noise from hedge trimmers. This one  is very quiet and powerful. It has much more power and runtime than I expected. It has a solid build with a metal gear box. I haven’t looked inside but I imagine it has ball bearing construction. You can tell this one is made for the long haul. 

It runs at three different speeds for greater flexibility.

It has a 24” or 30” long blade.  It also features an adjustable main handle.   You can rotate it for the most comfortable grip in different positions. For safety it has a two hand grip with a safety on the auxiliary handle. You will never be able to cut your finger off with this one.  Such a nice design. Tons of power and speed. No gas noise or fumes. 

X2 brushless chainsaws

I may sound like a broken record but I really do like this stuff. Makita gave these chainsaws one of the best chain speeds on the market. That means almost effortless cutting with little more than just the weight of the saw.  You can choose the XCU03PT1            version with tool free chain tensioning.  (389.00 with 4 batteries plus 10% off = 350.10) or the newer XCU07PT   Chainsaw Kit  with manual Screwdriver and wrench adjustment with TWO retaining studs with captured nuts so you can’t lose them in the snow.  They  do  take a tiny bit of getting used to. There is a timed power button you hit before you can use it. It has a timer so if you sit idle for too long you will need to hit the power button again before continuing. 

We have been running all of the power tool company chainsaws and this is my favorite.  The Fuel saw is a little more powerful if you push hard but this does just as much work just as fast and weighs less and has a nicer balance. 

    XCU02PT1        X2 top handle chainsaw (319.00 with 4 batteries plus 10% off= 287.10)

This one is not quite as nice as the brushless saws but has good power in a top handle configuration. It does the Job but has a lower chain speed. Since it is a top handle you may be thinking about using it one handed. Its still a two hand saw. One hand use is not recommended. 

XCU06T        18v brushless top handle chainsaw

This little guy is a real treat. It is perfect for trimming branches it zips right through 6” branches with little effort. It will do 8” but don’t push too hard or you will find the overload threshold. If you do just let off the trigger and go back to it.  Chain speed is very good on this smallest of all chainsaws I’ve ever used. This is easy to use one handed even though its not recommended. If you do, make sure you are using a safety chain. 

Here are a few more items included in the lineup and all qualify for the special deal at Acme Tools.


                XBU02Z                 Bare Blower

LXHU07Z                Bare hedge trimmer

                XRU09Z                 Bare Trimmer


                XCU03Z                Bare Chainsaw


                XML03Z                Bare Lawnmower (new metal deck)

                XRU11M1            Trimmer Kit

                XRU11Z                Bare Trimmer


                XUX01Z                Bare Couple Shaft Trimmer




                                                                          XCU07Z                Bare Chainsaw


                                                                         XCU02Z                Bare Chainsaw


                                                                         XCU06Z                Bare Chainsaw

                                                                         XCU01Z                Bare Chainsaw