Husky 3/8 drive Digital Torque Wrench


Team Toolpig welcomes the opinion of a 6 year Tradesman Field Mechanic.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Husky 3/8 drive Digital Torque Wrench,  my overall opinion as a mechanic is that it is a very affordable torque wrench for the everyday mechanic.   It has a torque range 5-80 in. lbs.  When compared to my “other brand” torque wrenches I find it is spot on.  It also comes with a certificate of calibration, definite pro.  I do like the adjustment knob, I find it very easy to adjust and lock, this takes a lot of strain off your wrist by not twisting the handle, another pro for me as a tradesman that uses his hands daily I like to find the tools that do the work for me with the least strain on my body.  The handle has a very comfortable grip as well, which is beneficial for long time use.  It also is oil resistant and this is a great thing in the hand of any mechanic.  I know myself, I tend to get my hands a little greasy and dirty.

The first con I see with the wrench.  There is no way to push to release your socket button on the head, that would be something I would recommend to add, as the ball can wear out and cause your socket to fall off.  

It does have a rebuildable ratchet pawl, if the ratchet were to wear out, replacement parts could be considered.  I like the fact that if you can adjust to ft. lbs, you can simply press the green button to convert to either; in.lbs, newton meters, or kilogram per cm on the fly.  The other con I see is I would recommend on the next generation of this 3/8 Digital Torque Wrench to have a LED Backlight display, for working in a dark environment, definitely see a lot of dark places with such a great tool.

Most of the tools in my toolbox have consisted of Gear-Wrench, Matco and Snap-on mainly because I am partial to the warranty for the tools but I am open to Husky with this warranty policy.

My overall opinion- How could anyone pass up such a great quality tool with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! 

Tony Sprague

  • Torque range: 5 to 80 ft. lbs. or 60 to 960 in. lbs. or 6.78 to 108.48 N-m and 69.1 to 1106.0 kg-cm
  • LED screen can be switched with the push of a button to display in ft.-lbs., in.-lbs., or newton meters or kilogram centimeters
  • Factory calibrated to +/- 4% clockwise accuracy in the upper 80% of torque range
  • Wrench is designed to give an audible click when torque setting is reached
  • Hard plastic case for storage and protection
  • End cap twist to easily set desired torque level which is displayed on the LED screen
  • Sealed head design keeps out dirt and oil
  • When the wrench is set the low end of the torque range the click will be less then when at the high end of range
  • Recommended that you remove batteries when wrench is stored for extended periods
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards
  • Oil resistant rubberized grip
  • When the wrench is not in use, it is recommended to store it below 25% of capacity
  • Wrench should be checked for accuracy every 5,000 torque applications or if it is subjected to abnormal handling