Ridgid 18V Charging Radio


First Look

  At first glance this Ridgid 18v charging radio looks great! It has the standard Ridgid look that all #TeamRidgid fans have come to know and love and I like the dark black shell better than the grey on the earlier model. The user-friendly front panel makes it easy for anyone to use, the display is bright against a dark background which makes it easy to see. Connecting to the Bluetooth on my phone was fast and simple. The connectivity is amazing, I walked well over 100 feet away connected to the radio using Bluetooth and it was still connected. The only reason I stopped there is because I could barely here the radio from that distance.

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Don’t Forget Your Ridgid App

  It is definitely worth the time to download the Ridgid Radio App, this way you can control the unit wirelessly. If it’s not loud enough or if you want to change the station, you don’t have to get up. You can adjust the volume and the bass and treble from your phone on the app. Now you control the music anywhere on site, no more work mates changing the station on you! The app also lets you make and set alarms for reminders during the day and allows you to have pre-stored radio stations. So when you return to a job you can find that perfect station again.

  As far as the unit itself, the tough plastic shell around the unit seems very sturdy and has not made me worry about durability at all while I have been using it. Besides, this product has the same lifetime guarantee that all Ridgid products have.


Charging Capabilities

  I do like that you can charge your phone from the USB port on the side of the unit and that you can charge any of your Ridgid batteries on the charger built-in the back. Yet I think having just one of each is little lack luster. If your just one guy its perfect, but, if you work with anyone else it would be better to have at least two battery charging stations and two USB ports to charge multiple phones.  

  As far as the sound, the speakers are good and clear, yet I do wish it could go louder. When you make much noise, screw-guns, saws, hammers, etc. It tends to get drowned it out by the noise easy, even when the unit is turned all the way up. Although this did not seem to be a big issue at all for me. 

Great Power Options

  I like the large display on the front that has the time and shows you when a battery is done charging. The battery charger on the back was well thought out so that if it starts raining or if there’s lots of dust, it has a rubber cover that goes over the battery while it charges. It is definitely an upgrade from the model before which did not charge the battery. Don’t worry if you don’t have a place to plug it in it also has the option to use the Ridgid battery in the back you’ve been charging, so if you keep one in there, even if the power goes off or you don’t have a place to plug-in, you can still jam on! 

  Overall the Ridgid 18V Charging radio has it all, I just want more of it! At its price point at $179 it’s not a bad deal for what you get considering what a battery charger, phone charger and Bluetooth radio would cost you separately. I would recommend this unit to all Ridgid fans, but also to anyone who wants a reliable Bluetooth radio for your job-site or workplace.


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